Atma Rama…

What was (is) the reality behind Ramayana, Who really were (are) Lord Rama and Mother Sita…? Discoursing on Rama Navami occasion at Shanti Kutir in Madras Bhagawan once revealed the inner significance of “Atma Rama”…

Rama, truly understood, is not the son of Dasaratha or of Kausalya; nor did He lose Sita and lament for Her. Rama is not to be limited to one achievement, the killing of Ravana and the reclamation of Sita.

On the great Pattabhishekam day, when the entire Ramayana story was well nigh coming to a close, Anjaneya who had an increasing desire to know the truth, and who was till then afflicted by a slight trace of doubt peeping in now and then, asked Rama when the guests had left, what His Reality was and prayed that It might be made know to him. Rama smiled and directed Sita to satisfy Hanuman’s curiosity.

Sita then explained that She is the Moola Prakriti, Who caused Maya and enabled the Nirguna to appear as Saguna. The Atma Rama Which is everywhere, The Cause, The Consequence and The Conclusion, The Will and The Way, The Being, The Becoming and The Ending, can be made visible and active only by a touch of Maya.

Sita said that the entire Ramayana was Her Leela or Play.  It is the description of the activity produced by Maya and believed by the ignorant to be the real activity of the Super Impersonal Absolute.

So, Rama is in all beings as the very core of their existence; without Rama there can be no joy, happiness or wellbeing. Because Rama is within you, you rejoice, you are pleased, you are happy, you feel blissful.

Rama is Prema, Love. So, see the Rama in all and love them and serve them.