Merry Christmas in Prasanthi…

When Christmas becomes a big time celebration around the world, often marked with pomp and show, meeting, eating and shopping much away from the decrees of Jesus Christ, Prasanthi Nilayam stands uniquely apart celebrating the event in the holiest way.

After the International Choir on the Christmas Eve, when the Christmas morning dawned here in Prasanthi to its solemn beauty, the Australians took the charge in the ‘day-break’ with Carol singing beginning the proceedings in the morning.

Christmas always had its fairy-tale in the golden past with Bhagawan lightng up the day-break with His silver door darshan, atop the Sai Kulwant balcony. Memories remained poignant with a touch of nostalgia as the Carol party took their seat at the Sanctum Sanctorum in this auspicious morning singing carol hymns for over half-an-hour. The Carol party was ably led by a dynamic young Shiva, who conducted the show.

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Following the day-break offering, in the morning, it was the turn of the students, who with a sprinkling of Christmas hymns and stories made the morning most memorable one. Commencing at 0820 hrs., after Rudram chanting, first to come was an offerng by the Violin Band of Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School that played some melodious Christmas tunes including “Love Is My Form…Truth Is My Breath”.

Lifting the spirits from the slow soothing violin to the fast paced beats of percussions, the Institute Brass Band presented a scintillating display of Band Music next, playing an array of special Christmas numbers. The Brass Band from Prasanthi Nilayam Campus has always been an integral part of the Christmas celebrations and this year too they excelled with high beat music reverberating the spacious Sai Kulwant.

From instrumental to vocal. Serenading the Mighty Heavenly Father and His Chosen Son…singing greater glory, the Institute Music Band presented a 45 minute programme next, depicting the life of Jesus through songs and commentary, beginning with his birth, traversing through his epochal life of events, teachings andhis ultimate sacrifice. Some of the songs were We Wish You A Merry Christmas…, Glory To The Lord…, Santa’s Party etc. Excitement ran high when Santa began his party, twin Santas in twin directions delivering chocolates to the lucky ones, to the backdrop high-pitch singing of Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells…Jingle All The Way... The musical band ended their ‘party’ aptly singing the glory of Father and Son and the greater importance of following the life of Jesus, practising his teachings.

Even as bhajans continued, students, both juniors and seniors took their turn offering Christmas Greetings at Bhagawan’s Divine Lotus Feet.

Mangala Arathi at 0950 hrs. marked the end of morning proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II