Premaswarupalara – Embodiments Of Love

Bhagawan, The Indescribable Unmanifest Brahmam, The Source and Sustenance of His Love Creation, that emerged from Him, always would address His chosen folk, the human – Premaswarupalara… meaning Embodiments Of Love… What is the inner meaning, inner significance of this Divine Call… writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri about His Love…called Prema…

Prema Is Atmic Love…a ‘forever’ companion of the atma. It is a feeling all of us are born with. Prema is an inherent aspect of each soul. As a soul embodies itself into a form, it carries forth this essence, ever craving a fragrant release.

Eashwara Sarva Bhutanam…Jag Mein Sarvam Vishnu Mayam. When the entire Universe is permeated by Beloved Bhagawan, when God is The Indweller of every heart and God Is Love, then it naturally follows that Divine Love or Prema that is our basis…our foundation…our true inheritance.

If only we pause and reflect, halt and introspect instead of getting caught up in the fast lane of life, there is so much to discover within ourselves, a voyage that is revving its engines waiting to be undertaken. The play between the senses and the objects of material attraction lures the mind and keeps it engrossed, engaged, busy and away from the glorious contents of the Spiritual Heart Centre.

That is the place to dwell, The Spiritual Heart Centre. That is the meeting place for the Atma and the Paramatma…to reunite and sing the mystical song of Cosmic Harmony…to whirl and dance in Celestial Oneness enveloped in and emitting a radiance rare, unseen and unknown, yet it’s very own.

If we can spare a few moments…the time and the inclination…to savour this experience, to nurture and promote it, indeed exceptional and extraordinary will be the outcome.

Undiluted, unconditional, unrestricted, ever so accepting, so completely in tune, endorsing ‘live and let live’, so divine in its design, is this love…that knows fulfillment only in giving.

Such is the love that we are receiving copiously and everlastingly since the beginning of time from Beloved Bhagawan.

Awareness, understanding, knowledge, will and intent make us grow closer to Prema – Love that stems from the atma…Atmic Love.

Once we consciously step into the radius of Prema, willing to experience this expansive love that knows no fence, needs no defense, joy permeates every cell of our being and extends to all in our environment…in our personal universe as well as the Cosmos.

Prema adds value to a mundane life, to a strife torn world, spiritualizing it bringing peace in its wake.

Prema is much more than love…it is compassion, it is tolerance, it is patience, it is forbearance, it is faith, it is an assurance, it is a response, it is a belief, it is a support, it is a foundation, it is a celestial song, it is an awakening to a kind of exclusive kindred spirit that is all pervasive, all inclusive.

It is that completely encompassing sentiment that draws everything into its ever widening sphere. And Prema has its origin right within us all…from that sacred space that is just waiting to be discovered, that inner knocking that is longing to be heard, yearning to burst forth to wrap all in its fold…to embrace all as its very own.

Prema is the adoration Earth has for the Sun as she circumbulates it, that selfless love for all life forms that seek nourishment from her, the trees that grow on her soil, the rivers that flow through her, the mountains that stand tall upon her, the air that surrounds her, the fire that shines on her, the ether that envelopes her.

Prema is the love Lord Surya has for all it shines upon, making no distinction, seeking nothing in return.
It is the feeling rivers have towards those that draw sustenance from its refreshing waters.
It is a reply a flower gives to a bee when singled out for its nectar.
It is that palpable affection a dog knows for its master.
It is how a candle expresses itself to a flame when set aglow, by melting in it.
It is that supreme emotion that the Ocean feels for each wave, as well as for the shore and a desert realises for every grain of sand.
It is that rapport between a musician, musical instrument and the melody that springs from it; that channel betwixt an artist and the expressions upon the canvas; the harmony amidst the sculptor and the stone that surrenders.
It is what a tree experiences along with all else in Nature when it ceaselessly gives of itself.
It is a sublime response between a Guru and a disciple; God and His devotee.
It is that which makes the heart smile all the while.

Prema is the tender love a mother has for her child, in the human kind or wild, held close to her bosom, each toil is a pleasure, all errors corrected, overlooked and forgiven, fostering a link to treasure.

Prema is what Beloved Bhagawan emphasizes for us to know as our truth, our identity, our inherent quality, our unique personality. 
How does He address us all?

Come, let Prema reveal to us our quintessential spiritual essence.
It is time to accept and celebrate ourselves indeed as “Embodiments Of Love”, knowing Prema – Atmic love to be our basis, our centre, our goal…that which fulfills and makes us whole.
Prema is the catalyst for us to be One with Beloved Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II