You are a hypocrite

Do you think something, say something and pray for something else? Beware! then you are a hypocrite in His eyes… as God is watching… and interesting personal experience of Dr DJ Gadhia.

Once, inside the Interview Room in Prasanthi Nilayam:

Swami, looking at the faces of all the devotees, said: If no one has any question to ask, Gadhia, you ask a question!

I prayed and searched in my mind to find a reasonable question. The moment I offered my prayer, Beloved Swami helped me to ask the question, “Swami, when You were at Shirdi, You told Shama, Your ardent devotee, that he was connected with You for the last 72 generations, and when the members of the Dhurandhar family arrived at Shirdi You had said: These are members of My Darbar (royal court) and connected with Me for the last 60 generations! I am now in front of You, and I would like to know since how many generations have I been connected with You?”

Everybody greatly appreciated this question and Beloved Swami swaying slowly while on His settee, said: Very good question!

He then added: You are connected with Swami for the last many generations and you will still be connected with Swami for many more generations.

I immediately asked, “Then, no liberation, Swami?” He sat up straight in His settee and, with an unhappy expression, said: Liberation? This means you are a great hypocrite!

I immediately answered, “Swami, I fail to understand why You called me a hypocrite?”

Bhagawan said: Don’t you sing this bhajan in front of the devotees?… Tumhin Mere Ram Ho…Tumhin Mere Shyam Ho… Tumhin Mere Pran Ho…, Janam Janam Ke Sathi Ho… (meaning: You are my Rama! You are my Krishna! You are my soul and companion through life after life!)

Bhagawan continued: This means you are telling the devotees that Swami is your companion through many lives. It is only outward show, because today you are asking Me to give you liberation! Don’t you think you are a hypocrite?

I answered holding both my ear lobes with both hands, “Swami, I promise not to ask for liberation in this life, but You are going to remain my companion in the lives to come?”

He answered in a jovial mood: Yes, Swami will be with you for many generations to come. Your next birth will be in Mysore State – in Srirangapatnam, and you will be with Prema Sai. You have been serving in this life and you will still be serving more!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II