Annual Sports & Cultural Meet today…

11 January 2014, Prasanthi Nilayam: 11th January is very very special in His Story, as over the years, this day is quite used to – Bhagawan’s luxurious presence -  in the physical at the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium, wherein Bhagawan, seated on the decorated throne at the Shanti Vedika, would receive salutations from His wards, witnessing a host of sporting and cultural events by His students.

And…  shortly from now,  in a couple of hours, when one walks into the stadium once again to watch a whole lot of fascinating events, one is sure to have a nostalgic upsurge, missing out the most enchanting physical form of Beloved Bhagawan ushering into the stadium to the escort of motor bikers and regal bands. …and for the students, this would be a real test, saluting to His omnipresent throne, performing to His omnipresence…while aim remains the same….to show up with their best for Beloved Swami.

Be it in His physical presence or in His ‘omnipresence’, Prasanthi’s prestigious sporting extravaganza, the Annual Sports & Cultural Meet, earns all distinct attention for, this sporting extravaganza is very much a part of Bhagawan’s own curriculum for His wards, leading them to all-round excellence. With Bhagawan as the Focal Point, the participating students, motivating teachers and the officials who are at organizing the event, all come together in one platform at the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium, on the 11th day of January every year, playing it out… giving their best, making it a most memorable event.

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While at the mundane physical plane, the sports meet brings great physical and mental refinement, at a very subtle… spiritual level, the whole sporting-cultural exercise earns greater relevance at an unknown dimension as it helps His chosen ones in quickening their spiritual progress in a most unfamiliar fashion. When His wards are playing it out with a sole focal attention of bringing a smile on His face, to make Swami happy, how can one quantify this most selfless act of surrender, dedication and devotion? …This Sporting extravaganza is a God-given opportunity for the selected band of Sathya Sai Students…to perform in His immediate presence… raising their level of self-confidence to the peaks of ‘Sai-excellence’, while merits accrued out of this God-given-selfless-love-saga are far-reaching, known only at the highest Divine realm.

Like the bygone years, this year too, there is ample hope to witness richness of quality, colour, exuberance, enthusiasm, valour, courage, balance and skill. …And when the wards march past the Shanti Vedika shortly from now saluting The Divine Chancellor, following it up with their sterling offerings, it would be a greater challenge for them to see Him beyond the physical, accepting Him as The Doer.

When all eyes turn towards the Hill View Stadium shortly, watching the students battling it out, bending their bodies, mending their senses to become ‘Sai Diamonds’, here are some snaps from our lens man as precursor from the preparatory sessions.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II