Sai Retreat by Middle East & Gulf…

It is Holy Ramadan season and devotees from the Region 94 are here at Prasanthi once again. A Sai Retreat organized by Region 94 (Zone 9 B) of Sathya Sai Organisations – Worldwide comprising countries from Middle East and Gulf has enveloped Prasanthi with much Islamic fervor and devotion for the last couple of days. Over 290 devotees from various countries in the region are participating in this week-long Retreat from July 15-21.  Sai Kulwant bears special Islamic touch of decorations with a crescent smiling atop the Sanctum Sanctorum.

As part of the Retreat a special musical offering – “Premamritha Dhaara” was offered by the devotees from the region this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The programme commenced at 1700 hrs., after half-an-hour Vedam chanting, with an offering to Lord Ganesha, “Is Aarambh Subh Karo Merey Shubaanan Sai…Jai Ganesh…Jai Ganesh…”. Next to come was a prayer for unconditional love for Bhagawan, when one gets to do Sai’s work… “Sai Tumara Charanon Mein Yeh Prem Sadhaa Bharpoor…”. Following numbers were “Yahaan Vahaan Mein…” a song on Nature and Unity, reiterating that Sai resides in every atom of the Universe…, “Allah Allah Allah Laailaha Illallaah…” illustrating the peak of devotion where God becomes Beloved, “Lemaza Takhaf Wa-aana Huna…”  ‘Middle East version’ of the famous song “Why Fear When I Am Here…”, “Anta Allah Anta Eshwar…” a song assures of His response to prayers. The final song was a song of gratitude and love, ‘thanking’ Him for making understand that there is a great purpose in life, and making lives more sacred and meaningful… “Kaise Bhathayen Hum Kithney Dhanya…”. Interspersed with lucid commentary, the programme with beautiful musical score turned out to be a rare treat by Region 94 during the Retreat.

Bhajans followed next. Special prasadam was distributed and the programme ended with Mangala Arathi at 1915 hrs.

Helping the Ashram to ease the rush in the canteens, this contingent have taken up the responsibility of their food arrangements for both lunch and dinner. A temporary shamiana erected at the western end, next to the culvert gate serves as the canteen and a meeting place for the pilgrims. Volunteers from the group would organize themselves, collecting food items from the North Indian and Western canteens to serve independently by the group without taxing the sevadal force.  Utensils etc. would be washed and deposited in the canteens by these dedicated group members. This unique exercise by the “Region 94” in serving the ashram force while serving themselves has been a practice by them during their pilgrimage over the years.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II