Sathya Sai Darshanam – The Beauty Beyond Compare!!!

August 15, the National Independence Day used to be quite special in Parthi as Bhagawan Himself would often extol the greatness of the Nation hailing her culture. This day was no different, only difference being Bhagawan chose to be a ‘spectator’ with His students playing out a scintillating drama on the Freedom struggle.

Given below is an excerpt from the Darshan Story on 15 August 2010 in Prasanthi Nilayam as chronicled by The Prasanthi Reporter…Let’s read..assimilate…live with it and thus manifest HIM, our Beloved Mother Sai!


Sun, Aug 15, 2010: The strings that pulled on the previous evening emitting strains of Divine Romance continued to emanate soulful tunes and in response came a ‘Divine Call’ for yet another ‘bonding’ between The Lord and His children resulting an indoor session in favour of “Prema Bandhan” that lasted for ninety long minutes. Today, in the evening, emerging at 1635 hrs. to the chants of Vedam, Bhagawan drifted through the multitudes, pausing in between, blessing many including primary children, before completing the round to go for another half-round encircling the ladies’ end. Taking a detour and reaching the portico, Bhagawan glided past the lower portico to get into the bhajan hall at 1505 hrs. through the rear entrance.

As if continuing from where they had left in the previous evening, a closed door session ensued, wherein Bhagawan spent next ninety minutes with the 1996 batch of students and their immediate family members. Prof. G Venkataraman who addressed the group in the Divine presence spoke about the evolution of Parthi, between then and now, elaborating on the various service activities taken up by Bhagawan as a part of His Divine Mission. The Professor’s speech was followed by an Inspirational Divine Discourse wherein Bhagawan stressed highly on the importance of harmonious living in families. Citing various illustrious characters, namely the couple in the lores, Nala and Damayanthi, Bhagawan highlighted on the greater importance of living with understanding in families, especially between husband and wife. “Vote of Thanks”, more appropriately, ‘expression of Gratitude to Bhagawan’ followed before winding up the long, ‘illustrious’ session between The Lord and His ‘properties’.

…And outside, in the Sai Kulwant Hall, as “the wait’ continued with a jam-packed assembly awaiting The Lord, the nature was wielding her magical spell with the rare combo of overcast sky with an advancing twilight with her dark tinge setting a perfect backdrop for The Lord to emerge. His students were to celebrate the glory of Mother India, celebrating 64th National Independence Day in in His immediate Divine presence. The backdrop has to be dark for Mother India to be shone forth…and, adding to the celebrating mood, heavens opened up, pouring her share of joy.

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…And came the Lord!…emerging at 1845 hrs., Bhagawan glided through the lower portico to come onstage at 1850 hrs. and the stage was ready for the drama “Swarajya Gatha” by the senior post graduate students of SSSIHL.

Invoking blessings ensued before Bhagawan’s Voice “Khanda Kandanthara…” rendered the air marking the beginning of the presentation.”Swarajya Gatha” was centred around the freedom struggle involving Bharat’s first mass leader, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, lived during the period 1856-1920. Tilak’s ideals to spread national unity and religious harmony through various religious festivals promoting “Swarajya”, standing united against the British, set the backdrop for the presentation before the story advanced into Tilak’s undying passion for Mother India and winning her freedom from the British. The man who proclaimed “Swarajya is my birthright and I shall have it” finally got arrested by the British who sent him to jail for a long six-year imprisonment. His evolution in the jail, where he turned contemplative, getting deep into the ‘Geeta Rahasya’ and Karma Yoga, still madly possessed with his undying passion for his Mother India was illustrated with the help of Mahabharat scenes depicting Abhimanyu, who embraces the risk of getting into the Padmavyooha in the name of moral duty to win the battle.

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Subsequent scenes depicted Tilak’s state of depression, at not finding a sustained way forward to win his dream Swarajya, after he was freed from the jail, his meeting up with Sai Baba of Shirdi and Baba’s precious words of advice to him. Mother India is in the safe hands of God assured the Lord of Shirdi advising Tilak to find his own Swarajya first.

The presentation was packed with powerful dialogue delivery. At the time of his arrest by the British, he said: “Swarajya is the foundation and not anything raised to have a prosperous future; a foundation never comes down; may be an edifice that is raised on the foundation will come down, but another one will soon rise in its place and it is just a matter of time”, retorted Tilak countering the British.

The one-hour presentation ended with a melodious group song on the glory of Bharat, Mother India, to the tune of “Sundaram Bharatham Sumadhuram…” The presentation was interwoven with melodious and colorful dance and song sequences. An innovative idea, a revolving automated stage, done indigenously by the students from the hostel won special attention from Bhagawan.

Moving down the dais, Bhagawan posed for group photo session involving entire crew. Bhagawan chose to spend some time in the middle interacting with the group. The Abhimanyu cast won His special blessings as Bhagawan materialised a golden chain with a Ganesha pendant for the cast. Returning onto the stage, Bhagawan spent quite some time interacting with various casts. Bhagawan was seemed to be ‘amused’ at the two boys acted as Draupadi and Subhadra. Interacting with them, Bhagawan, upon presenting them safari pieces gave away an additional presentation, a saree each, to the delight and amusement of all. Entire drama crew got safari pieces as a token of His love and blessing. This Divine Interactive Session continued till 2020 hrs. until Bhagawan nodded for Mangala Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, Bhagawan moved off the dais. Interacting with many enroute, Bahgawan glided into the ladies’ side at 2025 hrs. retiring to Yajur Mandiram briging curtains down on this glorious evening of 64th National Independence Day!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II