Sathya Sai Darshanam – The Beauty Beyond Compare!!!

Playful pranks of our Beloved Bhagawan, if one could call it so, was very much a part of His Story, all through, even after He chose to hide from the public view…The Lord Who started His ‘visiting cards’ in a unique, inimitable fashion, by producing Vibhuti out of thin air with circular hand movements, innovated a new style during the mid-eighties of His Avataric life, by throwing Vibhuti packets to devotees, students…His chosen ones…Moving along the pathway granting darshan He would do it quite often…picking up a packet from His lap and throw unto a selected one…and while onstage, He would do the same with His group of boys…


Given below is an excerpt from the Darshan Story on 16 August 2010 in Prasanthi Nilayam as chronicled by The Prasanthi Reporter…Let’s read..assimilate…live with it and thus manifest HIM, our Beloved Mother Sai!


Mon, Aug 16, 2010: After a “week-full” of cultural programmes, today, on this cloudy evening without any special schedule, Bhagawan emerged at 1735 hrs. delivering week’s first darshan. A full round ensued upon which coming onto the portico, Bhagawan glided past the lower portico, blessing many, before coming onstage at 1750 hrs., from the right of Ganesha.

Bhajans that commenced at the scheduled hour continued till 1835 hrs. when Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi.

After the bhajans and Arathi, as the Universal Prayer, “Samastha Lokaha…” was on, Bhagawan, The Lord of Supreme Benevolence, was in a playful mood with His students and started throwing Vibhuti packets unto the the front block of students, mainly Bhajan and Vedam boys. Four of them got a packet each and the ‘foursome’ was blessed with Padanamaskar… Soon HE asked for an encore of “Samastha Lokaha…”. A brief conversation with one of the leading bhajan singers followed before Bhagawan moving off the dais at 1840 hrs.

Interacting with some seniors followed by a couple of students Bhagawan glided into the ladies’ side at 1845 hrs. retiring to Yajur Mandiram. Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II