Tear Drops

When the irresistible call to meet The Beloved comes from deep within, an awakening dawns upon the seeker to sever all ties with the so called ‘unwanted’, prompting him or her to take a headlong plunge, unto the world of Master Beloved….Read a poem from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri connoting this irresistible urge to meet The Beloved!

I saw teardrops glistening,
In Your enchanting lotus eyes,
Ashamed am I, sweet Lord,
It made me realise,
I have to break all my ties…
With selfish pursuits,
Vested interests, mean motives,
And tinsel yearning…
With I, me and mine,
With erratic ego,
I have to break all links…
For these things take me,
Away from Thee,
And I do not see any reason to live,
Beloved Bhagawan,
If I am not connected to Thee…

I do not see any reason to live,
If I don’t reach out to all as Thee,
For the core of every being,
Represents You for me…
…I do not see any reason to live,
If I don’t practise what You teach,
For then Your code of conduct,
I do breach…
You are the reason for me to live,
You are the reason I breathe,
So I must choose You,
Over anger, lust, attachment and greed…
Or else life has no worth,
And oh! so vain is this birth…
…To You, a hundred per cent,
Of myself I have to give,
For I cannot see,
Any other reason to live…
…Lest a teardrop does glisten,
In Your beautiful lotus eyes,
Oh! precious Lord, permit me,
To hasten,
To break my ties…