Do Not Disrespect Any God-Form…

Avatars Who live in the most exalted state of ‘Brahmam’ have nothing to differentiate between many forms and many names… All names and all forms belong to the One Supreme Godhood. …And when They continue Their sojourn on the physical plane they do leave indelible impressions in the human hearts and minds, teaching them the most subtle truth and lessons. In one such incident Bhagawan at Shirdi taught His devotees not to disrespect any God-Forms… an interesting episode from Sree Sai Samartha Satcharita, originall written in Marathi byGovind Raghunath Dabholkar a.k.a. Hemadpant. A beautiful lesson commemorating The Advent of Bhagawan at Shirdi.

One day Baba returned from the Lendi and sat in the Masjid. The devotees began arriving for darshan. Amongst them was the great devotee Chandorkar whom Baba loved very much. He came with Biniwale, (his brother-in-law), eager for darshan.

After doing obeisance to Sainath, both of them sat in front of Him. While they were exchanging generalities about the welfare and well being, Baba suddenly got ‘angry’.

Baba said: “Nana, how is it that you have forgotten? After having spent such a long time in My company, is this only you have learnt? Is this the result of the time you have spent in My company? Tell Me in detail.”

Listening to this Nana became dejected. He wondered about the reason for this anger but could not recall anything. He felt sad.

He could not recall where he had erred. He could find no reason for the ‘anger’. But unless something had happened Baba would never ‘hurt’ anybody.

Therefore, he clutched on Baba’s Feet and repeatedly entreated Him. Finally Nana supplicated earnestly and asked: “Why are You angry?”

“Though you have been in association with Me for so many years, how could you have acted like thus? What happened to your senses?” Baba asked Nana.

“When did you come to Kopergaon? What happened on the way? Where did you get down on the way? Or did you come here straight?”

“Something strange happened on the way. I feel like listening to it in detail. Tell Me what happened and where, be it big or small incident.”

Hearing this Nana realised his mistake and his face fell immediately. Though he felt ashamed to speak of it, he narrated it.

Nothing could be concealed here! Having decided this, Nana told Baba whatever had happened in detail.

There could be no lying before Sai. Falsehood does not gain Sai’s grace. Disharmony leads to destruction and ultimately lies lead one to hell.

To deceive the Guru is a very great sin, from which there is no atonement. Realising this Nana described in detail to Baba whatever had happened.

Nana said: “We hired a tonga to come straight to Shirdi, as a result of which Biniwale missed the darshan of Lord Dutta on the banks of the Godavari.

Biniwale is a Dutta devotee. When we came across the Dutta temple on the way, he wanted to get down to have Dutta’s darshan. But I was in a hurry, so I prevented him and told him that we could take the darshan on our return journey from Shirdi.

Thus becoming hasty and thinking it would get late to come to Shirdi, I tried to avoid the matter and disregarded Dutta’s darshan.

Later, while bathing in the Godavari, a big thorn pierced my foot and gave me a lot of trouble on the way till I could pull it out with much effort.”

Then Baba advised: “It is not good to be in such a haste. Thank your stars that you had only the thorn to contend with, though you had disrespected the darshan.

When a very venerated deity like Dutta is on the way, awaiting darshan, unfortunate is he who has not taken the darshan! How can I help him?”

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II