Glittering Christmas Evening…

Offering gratitude galore, expressing greater joy at the holy occasion of Christmas, International Sai Children numbering 49 presented Children’s Christmas Choir at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet this auspicious evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam. The Children Choir was followed by two speeches by International guest speakers followed by an audio relay of Bhagawan erstwhile Christmas Divine discourse.

Commencing the programme with Vedic incantation, invoking Primal Deities in typical Indian style, the programme that followed had the enigmatic story of the Divine Child, born under most mystically Divine surroundings in Bethlehem, encapsulated in a series of hymns.

Singing at a rhythmic pace, in a united voice, the International Sai Children spelt their hearts out in expression of love and gratitude to Beloved Mother Sai… and the final piece for the evening vouch for their intentions.

Swami We Adore You… Lay Our Lives Before You… How We Love You!!!

Conducted by Ms Gesine Strohmeier from Germany, who took over from the seasoned Alma Badings of The Netherlands, the Choir had 9 hymns, interspersed with commentary by the children. The songs were Veni Veni Immanuel (O Come Come Immanuel) talking of Immaculate Conception, Way To Jerusalem, Once in Royal David’s City (about the holy birth in the Manger), Silent Night…, King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords…, Little Drummer Boy…, We Three Kings Of Orient Are…, When A Child Is Born… to conclude with the Gratitude Song to Swami.

Jesus is a mystic enigma, Greater Heaven’s stamp of Love on the face of Earth and the International Sai Children rightly echoed the feeling of humanity, pouring out love and gratitude in a united voice.

Music accompaniment included Violin, Guitar, Keyboard and special African ‘Jemba’ by Sai Gith from Switzerland.

Seasoned Conductor over the years, Ms Alma Badings from The Netherlands was then felicitated by the International Christmas Committee in appreciation of her dedicated service to the International Children’s Choir.

Two speeches by two International guest speakers, Ms. Joyce Darlene Barker and Mr. Neville Fredricks, of Canada and Australia respectively, followed next.

Speaking first, Ms Joyce, author of 9 books on Swami, began with her childhood journey into Jesus and later unto Bhagawan Sathya Sai. Expounding on the essential message of Christmas,  Unity with Divinity – I and my Father Are One, the octogenarian speaker stressed on the importance of Embarking… embarking on the path of Self Enquiry, stressing on the importance of C-I-A, Constant Integrated Awareness, being the essence of spiritual enquiry. Baba Is my very Breath… my Reason… my Joy for living, concluded Joyce on a high note.

The next speaker Mr Neville Fredricks, Chairman for Zone 3 of Sri Sathya Sai International Organisations spoke on his personal story, speaking about his first meeting with Bhagawan at Whitefield on a beautiful, fateful evening. Where logic and reasoning gave way to faith and belief, it was a story of ‘head-to-heart’ transformation for the long time devotee of almost three decades.

An exhilarating Divine discourse, of Christmas 1999, was next aired in the public address system, with Bhagawan lucidly narrating the holy birth and related events. Bhagawan ended His Divine discourse with the song “Love Is My Form… Truth Is My Breath…”

Earlier, Tom Lahey, International Christmas Decorations Committee Director from Australia had the honour of introducing the session and speakers to the august assembly.

Bhajans continued and ended with Mangala Arathi at 1855 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II