Holy Prasanthi Christmas Morning…

Prasanthi woke up to the Holy Christmas morning today chanting 21 Omkars followed by Sri Sathya Sai Suprabhatam, much to the delight of thousands and to the reminiscing beauty of the Holy Sight of The Sanctum Sanctorum.

The holy morning’s special proceedings commenced at 0630 hrs. with the Canadian Youth Choir singing a range of hymns adoring the Holy Father and His Bundle Of Joy.  Conducted by Sister Sai Kiran Gopie, the Choir had 29 boys and 22 girls apart from a huge group of around 400 participants ranging from coast-to-coast of Canada that included tiny tots from Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Ontario.  The troupe has been practising diligently for the past six months, perfecting the skill, readying for the D-day in the Divine Presence.

The next session commenced at 0820 hrs., packed with a range of offerings by the students of Bhagawan’s Institutions.

Primary School Violin Band commenced the proceedings with slow soothing Christmas numbers that was followed by the Institute Brass Band producing some scintillating Band Music, playing an assortment of special Christmas numbers. Higher Secondary Violin Band followed next, before the Institute Music Band took over.

Serenading the Mighty Heavenly Father and His Heavenly Son, singing paeans, the Institute Music Band then presented a 45-minute programme, depicting the life of Jesus through hymns, interlaced with commentary, narrating the story of the ‘Mystical Divine Child.

Lively backdrop interactions involving Uncle Sam and Little John with Uncle Ben showing up with a guest appearance helped piecing together, unraveling one of the most wonderful and enigmatic stories in the history of mankind. Even as the story continued, evolving step-by-step with beautifully captivating narratives by the duo, students burst into singing glory unto Him, presenting an assortment of Christmas devotional numbers.

Some of the devotional numbers were We Wish You A Merry Christmas…, Hallelujah…, God Is Good All The Time…, Arise… Arise… Arise…Take Your Place…, Santa’s Party, etc.  Excitement ran high when Santa began his party throwing chocolates all around, to the backdrop high-pitch singing of Jingle Bells… Jingle Bells… Jingle All The Way... The musical band ended their ‘party’ aptly singing the glory of Father and Son and the greater importance of following the life of Jesus, practising his teachings.

Even as bhajans continued, students, both juniors and seniors took their turn offering Christmas Greetings at Bhagawan’s Divine Lotus Feet.

Mangala Arathi at 10:00 hrs. marked the end of the proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II