Remember This…

Thousands upon thousands of Divine discourses, Auspicious Blissful Sight called ‘Divine Darshan’ of The Figure Of Bliss, Miracles Galore running into infinity… yet, man in deep slumber needs ‘Sailent’ reminder to wake up…to… Remember God’s Golden Promise…

It is your fortune that Sai Rama Is The Mainstay of your life.
Sai’s Name Is the auspicious Mantra to worship and pray for.
Sai Krishna Is your Supreme Protector.
His smarana is the best path to overcome the tangles of life.
Sai Siva Is your entire strength and kith and kin.
He Is The Ultimate Reward of all desirable things.
From now onwards Sai’s service is the most desirable one for you
Sai’s Name Is the best religion for you from now onwards
The Lord of Parthi will always protect you;
The merciful Lord will lift you up by hand.
He will not forget you at any time,
Remember This…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II