Kritajnatha Vahini flows on… Muddenahalli boys today

The Gratitude Stream – Kritajnatha Vahini is on… flowing down from hearts naïve and innocent… ripe enough to learn… imbibe… adapt and evolve…

With the Gratitude Series for the academic year 2014-15 on, the passing out batch of students from the Muddenahalli Campus of SSSIHL, Aryans,  offered their hearts full of Love & Gratitude at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet this evening  here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Are His students His ‘Hand-picked’ lot…? ….or recipients of mere coincidental grace…? It has to be the former, for, in the Almighty Phase of Sathya Sai Avataric form, as His Story vouches, the student-lot has been the special recipients of His ‘unique’ grace.

Reflecting this unique blessing of The Unique Graciousness Incarnated, this naïve yet innocent hearts poured their hearts out spelling out in clear heartificial language HOW MUCH SAI MEANS TO THEM…!!!

The presentation in customary “Parthi gratitude pattern’ had sprinklings of stories of His Touch of Grace mixed with droplets of songs of “Romance Divine”.

Introducing the session, these grateful hearts began, ‘subtly’ reminding themselves and the audience too, of the supreme relevance of Sathya Sai in perhaps at the peak phase of Kali age… and if this physically apparent creation is so enchantingly beautiful, then how much more gracious, charming and beautiful would The Creator be…???  The presentation evolved through these apparently passing yet seriously introspective lines of thoughts…

Interspersing, they sang in chorus, Kyse Bathaye… Hum Kitne Dhanya… Kyse Sunaye Bhagya Hamara… an apt reflection of a collective heartfelt feeling for The One Who Is Everything!!! Other songs were… Oh Sai Maa… Priyamaina Bandhamaa…, Sai Mere Yaadom Mein Tum Rehna… , Maa Praanam Neevu Sai… Neeve Maa Praanam…

The programme ended with a spirited refrain “WE LOVE YOU SWAMI“ from the ARYANS of Muddenahalli.

In a gesture of admiration and inspiration for “His Properties”, the Vice Chancellor Prof KBR Varma personally handed over the memento, representing token of Swami’s Love, to each participant, personally wishing and appreciating each one of them.

Bhajans by the Muddenahalli batch continued and ended with “Govinda Hare Gopala Hare…in Bhagawan’s voice”.

Mangala Arathi at 1805 hrs. marked the end of the evening proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II