Thy Will Be Done – Thou Think Of It…

Does God exist? Is His Will reign supreme? Is absolute justice assured in His Kingdom on Earth? Millions around the world entertain this ‘invalid’ yet apparently ‘valid’ question at the face of pain and suffering.

A drama presentation on Sunday evening by the Undergraduate students of SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus along with the students of Sathya Sai Mirpuri College Of Music entitled THY WILL BE DONE – THOU THINK OF IT served as a pointer to this question, answering it with an emphatic GOD IS… and His Will Reign Supreme.

Portraying the protagonist Gaurav, whose noble-kindhearted-service minded-selfless father was into untold suffering, staring at his ‘final call’, the drama then took the audience along the protagonist’s long road of trials, tribulations and frustrations, leading to a dramatic turnaround of fortune in the final lap.

Unable to fathom the mystery of his apparently unjustifiable suffering, failing to get solace from fables and analogies of the yore, of the scriptures,  Gaurav, a lost youth, as luck would have it, bumped into a “Fakir”, God in the guise of a “Baba”,  Whose words of wisdom turned out to be a practical wake-up call for the protagonist.

As the Baba worked on the young lad with His torrential wisdom, the scene moved back to the days of  Markhandeya, illustrating the epical story of devotion, wherein Lord Shiva Himself came to the rescue of His illustrious devotee.

The Baba’s repeated sermon with a punch-line, “Check-up Karney Kaa Hey…” came to fruition as, at a crucial ‘hopeless’ stage when the doctors have decided to take a ‘final call’ on the dying patient, to their utter amazement it was found that the suffering patient was served and saved by the “Baba” in the guise of Dr Chandramouli who was dead and gone!!!

…And with this dramatic end, at the end of a long road of trials and tribulations, came the practical revelation that, God Is and His Will Reign Supreme… Man has to pray whole-heartedly with an attitude of surrender to win His grace.

Earlier the presentation began with a Kailash scene, involving Lord Shiva and Nandi, wherein some of Shiva-ganas raised their apprehension about the apparent unjustifiable suffering of humanity… At the end, the scene rolled back to Kailash once again, depicting Lord Shiva clearing the doubts, teaching His ganas the supreme importance of ‘Surrender’.

The drama ended with a beautiful group song, a song of prayer, singing Raah Dikhaao Bhagawan… Sahara Dho Bhagawan…

He alone Is The Ultimate Refuge.. and man must learn the art of praying… prayer with intense faith… then he can feel Him… in and around…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II