Gratitude Offering by UG students…

The final year undergraduate students of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam campus along with the passing out batch of students from Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music presented a ‘GRATITUDE’ offering last evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The programme commenced at 1720 hrs with a heart-rendering nostalgic musical piece – ‘remembering’ the Mother of all mothers, in Hindi, singing “Maa…Meri Maa…Yaad Aathi Hey…” and continued in the usual pattern, embellishing with interludes of reminiscences in different languages,  beautiful songs of praise, instrumental pieces, ‘Band Beats…’ expressing heart’s content vide melodic notes…

Reminiscing notes came as interludes reflected upon the unparalleled bounty of Love & Compassion of Maa… Mother Sai. Of the many students ‘reflected’, a good bunch of them were from the North Eastern region.

Bhajans continued and ended with “Love Is My Form…” in Bhagawan’s mellifluous voice.

Mangala Arathi at 1840 hrs. marked the end of the evening proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II