Glory to Mother Easwaramma… Easwaramma Day Celebrated…

Janam Diya Tuney Sai Ka… Hum Pe Kiya Upakaar goes the poetic lines of the popular song singing paens to Mathrushri Mother Easwaramma. The world over devotees from Sai ‘fraternity’ are observing Easwaramma Day today, the day marking the physical ascent of the Mother.

Commemorating the occasion, special rituals and bhajans were held at the Mother Easwaramma Samadhi Mandir this morning, outside the Ashram precincts participated by senior Ashram officials, members from Ratnakaram Raju family and a huge concourse of devotees. Floral offerings and bhajans were followed by sanctified Prasadam of puffed rice, tamarind rice.

The evening session featured a special programme by the students on the unmatched glory of The Chosen Mother. The programme with soulful renderings, blurtings and recountals, especially by Ms Kuppam Vijayamma, Prof (Ms) Jayalakshmi Gopinath, vide Audio Visual presentation. attempted to illustrate the legend of Mother Easwaramma, her story from being a doting Mother to an ardent Devotee of Bhagawan and many of the fascinating ‘untold’ tales of the most graceful Mother.

A beautiful song, “Repalle Baalunivale…” one of Bhagawan’s favourites, a composition by Sri MS Prakash Rao fulfilling his own mother’s insistence, rightly captured the imagination of a mother, who heard the stories directly from Mother Easwaramma herself.

Indeed, for them who missed the Mother’s presence, the vivid presentation aptly summorised the hallowed Mother as a ‘Living Scripture Of Indian Motherhood’.

Salutations to the Divine Mother, The Mother whom The Infinite chose to manifest in the finite form…, The Mother who brought her ‘Bundle Of Joy’ to the physical universe.

Janam Diya Tuney Sai Ka… Hum Pe Kiya Upakaar

A riveting fast-paced Bhajan Medley on the theme “Easwaramma” followed next, immersing the august assembly into an intoxicating session of ecstatic devotion.

Mother Easwaramma stood for the oppressed and the depressed, for the suffering and the forlorn and The Sai Saga is replete with tales galore of the unbouding compassion of the most venerable Mother. Taking inspiration from the Mother’s story, honouring Supreme Motherhood, a TV set was installed in a special function held this evening at Shed No. 29, fecilitating a special group of aged devotees under the Ashram care. Senior Trust functionaries, Sarvasree K Chakravarthi, RJ Ratnakar, Prasada Rao, etc. attended the function. The new facility would feature live coverage of all Mandir programmes facilitating the aged inmates of  triple sheds 29, 30, 31 to watch the programme within the confines of their home.

Back at the Mandir, Mangala Arathi at 1900 hrs. marked the grand finale of Mother Easwaramma Day.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II