Sant Janabai’s ecstatic story by Kolhapur Balvikas…

The story of ecstatic elixir Divine – of Lord Vitthala continued in this Ashadi evening as Balvikas children from Kolhapur district of Maharashtra presented a dance drama on the illustrious life of Sant Janabai this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The colourful graceful presentation took the audience to the nostalgic ancient 13th century days of Pandharpur, where lived one of the foremost saints of Maharashtra, Sant Janabai.

Came to the Feet Of Lord Vitthala as a little child along with parents, Jani, the child relented to return, sticking to Lord Vitthala. Having found the little girl alone at the Pandharpur Temple, Sant Namdev granted shelter to the girl, who was taken in as a ‘little house-maid’.

The story next depicted the most astounding Madhura Prema Bhakti of the little girl-turned-maiden, who breathed Vitthala every single moment, enforcing the Lord to be her Eternal Breath.

Being an accomplished poet by herself, Janabai used to compose abhangs on Lord Vitthala and the Lord, sensing the purity of devotion, would pen down His devotee’s compositions. To an astounding Sant Jnanadev who caught up with The Lord’s secret, The Lord revealed: I was happy to write down the verses of Jani and I will bless anyone who reads her verses, and no calamity will ever befall them.

At the end, having grown in her devotion, Janabai accepted Namadev as her Guru as pleaded for Ultimate Wisdom. …And her Lord, Vitthala granted her the boon of Jeevan Mukthi, enshrining His devotee par excellence as a shining example in the annals of His Story.

It was yet another beautiful ecstatic elixir from the unending spiritual reservoir of Maharashtra.

The drama was intertwined with beautiful philosophical Maratha  compositions of Vittala devotion and the children danced merrily bringing out a dazzling, soul-stirring presentation. The evening assembly sat in wrap attention drinking the nectar of devotion presented by the Balvikas children from Kolhapur.

Bhajans continued and ended with Mangala Arathi at 1810 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II