Venkateshwara Shanti Kalyanam

Amidst auspicious percussion notes… amidst reverberating loud chants of “Govinda…Govinda…” lending the air to heightened devotion…. amidst Vedic incantations… amidst heartfelt whispers of prayers from the thousands congregated, Lord Venkateshwara tied the nuptial knot with His Divine Consort at 1205 hrs, in the immediate Divine Presence…

After the Narayaneeyam ‘festival’ involving the Lord of Guruvayoor, by the Kerala contingent last week, today it was Lord Venkateshwara of Chinna Tirupathi, as Prasanthi Nilayam witnessed the auspicious Venkateshwara Shanti Kalyanam at the Poornachandra Auditorium this afternoon.

The Utsava Vigraham from the Dwaraka Tirumala Devasthanam, West Godavari was brought to Prasanthi Nilayam last evening, for a grand reception.

The function that commenced at 1030 hrs passed through various affilitated rituals namely, Vastradanam, Upanayanam, Kanyadanam followed by Mangalyadharanam marking the grand culmination of the event.

A pushpavrishti was offered to the Deity, at the end of the Mangalyadharan ceremony.

Mangala Arathi at 1240 hrs marked the end of the proceedings.

Shri Phani Kumar from the Dwaraka Tirumala Devasthanam officiated the holy rituals, ably assisted by a group of priests.

The Kalyanam was aimed at world peace.

The 6-day Parthi Yatra by AP-TS will culminate this evening with a devotional offering by Shri Sai Ram Iyer.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II