Life As An Expression Of Love And Gratitude…

His creation is abound with lessons galore. Infinite are the possibilities for man to lean from every instance, from every speck in creation. …And, what are the chances when one is blessed with a most ‘adorable’ ideal earthly mother?…who guides you to the Supreme Divine in the physical, showing you the Goal Of Your Life in the physical. Adjectives fail to illustrate, minds fail to fathom, for we are in the midst of an Infinite Bliss Ocean called Sri Sathya Sai. Many understand this Truth, a few thinks in prospective line to follow His guidelines, but a rare one really puts ‘Him’ in practice. Here is a reflection by one such soul, Ms Revathi Sundar, an Indian in New Zealand, writing about the twin Mothers, the Earthly One and the Cosmic One, sharing her views and the priceless lessons learned at the Feet Of The Mothers… A unique Birthday Offering.


Om Sai Ram! This day being the Most Auspicious Day of The Advent of The Supreme Most Avatar of all times, beyond Time and Space, The Shiva Shakthi Avatar, with specific focus on The Purusha Prakrithi Principle, The Creator and His/Her Creation, this humble offering is a Homage and Tribute to all the Earthly Mothers across the globe and through them to The Eternal Supreme Divine Universal Cosmic Mother SAI.

Every Earthly Mother bears intense pain and suffering in order to deliver her child on to Mother Earth. The journey of every being begins from a Biological Mother’s Womb and ceases with the Ultimate Merger in The Divine Mother’s Cosmic Womb. Until then, there are any number of cycles of Birth and Death that the Being goes through. Fortunate and Blessed are those who find the Auspicious Divine Lotus Feet of God in this Birth as The Advent of The Supreme Most Phenomenon of Godhead, The Ultimate Para Brahman has come in the Name and Form of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, The Matchless Avatar ever to be! One such a Blessing descended on self, in the form of my Earthly Mother. It was the Divine Will of Sai Maa to intervene right from the moment of the birth of the self, by way of answering the ardent prayers of my Mother. As a consequence, even as I was being delivered in the labour ward, The Divine Presence of Cosmic Mother Sai had been felt and seen, assuring Ultimate Deliverance.

It is said that God made Mothers so that His/Her representative is made available to every child in every home. It is the Mother who is accorded Primary significance in Bharathiya Culture and Tradition, as the Adage goes: Matha Pitha Guru Deivam, which translates to Mother Father Preceptor God. This sequence is of great relevance as it is the Mother who shows the child who the Father is. The Father in turn leads the child to the Guru and the Guru in turn guides and carries the child to God.   As a toddler, I was guided by my Mother, who had no fancy degrees and pomp show attached to her, to follow the Divine Footsteps of Sai Maa and always to remember to call out to the Divine Mother. Her words still ring in my ears: There may be a time and a space where your physical parents cannot hear you nor can reach out to you. But there is no time or space which is beyond the reach of the Divine Mother. So learn to depend only on Her. Holding fast on to her words of wisdom and observing her life, demonstrating dedication to the Divine Love and Service, Sacrifice and Selflessness, i learnt to take baby steps in to adoring and worshipping Sai Maa, through every breath. Today if Sai is what I thrive on, I primarily owe that to my mother. She taught me that I am no separate from Sai.

SAI stands for SAI AND I. She also helped me intensify my awareness so that I realize: SAI AM I.

According to her, no conflict can be resolved by another conflict and Peace cannot be attained through arguments and fights. To the letter she believes in giving willfully, voluntarily and happily for the welfare of all around, an immortal lesson taught by our Most Beloved Sai Maa. The most valuable life lessons that I have learnt from both my Mothers is to Love and Serve unconditionally, to Give and to Forgive, to Give and to Never Expect any returns, to Trust, to have Faith and most importantly to be Patient. Under many trying and testing situations, where it would have been very easy and tempting to judge and to find fault with one or many around, I have observed with amazement, my Mother, keeping away from such vile tendencies. She strictly adhered to Swadharma, and was content with that. What makes me bow to her, more than all else, is her invaluable teaching of Self Restraint. I am fortunate to be guided by These Twin Mothers, Earthly Mother being an ideal role model for me to emulate her example, who has based her entire life’s journey on The Divine Mother’s Teachings.

The Self Confidence that Her Priceless Teachings have instilled in me, has given such courage that I do not feel the need to seek acceptance or acknowledgement from anyone for performing any small act of goodness. It lifts the heavy burden of pride and arrogance and of limiting ego, which otherwise would have been pressing me down. How am I to thank Sai Maa, for making available such an ideal perfect role model in Her Own Supreme Self and in the form of the biological mother as well, in terms of dedication, inspiring and motivating others, in treating everyone with compassion, in letting go of every unpleasant situation? I can go on and on…In a nut shell, She is the one, who has made me believe in my Self, in my Truth, in my Inner Core. She has made me aware that Discipline is verily Internal, springing forth from deep within, based on and guided by Sai Maa’s Timeless Teachings and Priceless Precious Gems. What is being imposed from outside is only Control and not discipline. Till date, I cherish this Supreme Revelation and Truth as my very life breath.

I owe my existence to my Earthly Mother and it is impossible for me to repay my debt to her for her selfless Love. I owe more to her for her leading me to the Divine Mother Sai. How am I to ever repay my debt of Love to the Earthly Mother and to the Divine Mother as well, who is Ocean of Love Compassion and Mercy? Let me not be merely thankful and grateful to my Earthly as well as Divine Mother. Let my entire life be transformed into an expression of Love and Gratitude to the Supreme Mother Sai, Who is the Epitome of Motherhood as such. Oh Supreme Divine Mother Sai, I pray to You! Kindly help me pledge, dedicate and rededicate myself utmost sincerely and Truthfully to the Sole Purpose of Life, to LOVE LOVE LOVE AND SIMPLY BE THAT LOVE.


II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II