No One Else But You!

If the only real relationship is that between the Creator and His Creation, then, as His creation we are all One. Thus, let us live as one and Love all, Serve All. Help ever Hurt Never! … writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, contemplating on the need to reform, to build in that One Only relationship with the One and One Only, The Supreme Creator as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai.


Oh! Beloved Gurudeva, these words that gushed forth from Your Divine Lips have lodged itself in my heart -
“Tell Me all your secrets and let Me keep them with Me. Accept Me as your best friend and be assured that I will always be there in clear skies or when dark stormy clouds come your way. I will not only hear you but always rescue you from all your faults. Do not let another come between you and Me, for no one’s loyalty compares to Mine. No one’s hold can give you the strength. And NO ONE CAN EVER GIVE YOU LOVE LIKE MINE.’’

And, no one mortal can be a constant companion to another. Only You, my dearest Bhagawan, can transcend time and space and be there with and for any and all of us all the time.

The desire now should be a desire to correct ourselves, a desire to be of use to You, Lord of our soul…in some minute way- to contribute with whatever we have, for, ultimately it’s we who benefit. Somewhere along the way then…a chord is touched. A missing link is restored. Selflessness gains supremacy. An instrument is born. For, as You have said, granting confidence, loving Lord, “The tree might appear to be dry; but, it will bloom, it will bear fruit; do not despair. I shall make it sprout provided the sap of repentance is still running.’’

Paschatap – repentance…and Prayaschit – atonement…are so very vital.

Temperatures are soaring. Rivers are going dry. Smoke is replacing oxygen.
The reason given by You, Beloved Bhagawan…is that the heart of man has become arid, bereft of compassion. We are not giving Mother Nature the respect that is her due.

So, dear Sisters and Brothers…mustn’t we ponder a bit…? How can we help in bringing about a change? What is the direction in which to move? What is the choice that we need to make? What is it that we would like to surround ourselves with? Reality or myth? Is the outer real or that which is prompted by our conscience? Can the inner have an effect on the outer?

The outer leads to a vortex of desires; the inner to something higher. The outer is tempting; the inner enchanting. The outer leads away; the inner shows the way.
The outer brings disappointments galore; the inner has a divine appointment in store.
The outer leads to a rueful `sigh’; the inner to Beloved `Sai’.

Attractions of this world,
Have myriad hues,
Plunging us forever into debts and dues,
Let material desires burn,
Let us take a `U’ turn,
In the direction of `Sai,’
Giving purpose to lives gone dry,
Let us heed His voice as it rings out true -
`Take just one step towards me; I’ll take ten towards you’,
`Shed one tear, I’ll wipe a hundred from your eyes’,
These words of Bhagawan, let us realize…

If we take one sincere step towards Him, we’ll find Him running towards us like a parent towards a long lost child. Yet, how do we take a step towards Him? Each one has their own link with the Beloved One…a bond ever so personal and so each may have their own calling and follow their own customized way.

However, through constant namasmarana, through involving Him in all our activities, through talking to Him incessantly, through silent sitting and tuning in, just like you would with a best friend are routes that create and enhance this sublime association. Through thick and thin, through good and bad, through joy and sorrow, through tears and smiles. Sharing, sharing, sharing.

What happens then?
It becomes a one-to-one relationship. There’s no third in-between. Only you and Sai and Sai and you…!

If the only real relationship is that between the Creator and His Creation, then, as His creation we are all One. Thus, let us live as one and Love all, Serve All. Help ever Hurt Never!
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu!

Beloved Bhagawan…no one can encircle us all the while, every moment through…with pure Love…no one else but You!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II