Ringing in the NEW…

You look unto Him… listen to His stories… and try to feel Him in and around… soon you will be left with an uncanny feeling, a tug at your heartstrings. That is the magic of Beloved Mother Sai, most unparalleled in the history of mankind, in the history of entire creation. …And what if you listen to those sets of students,  who experienced His “Love That Conquers”, who had been blessed to spent time with Him as tiny tots, in His very physical presence??? They are sure to touch your’s…

Ringing in the ‘New’ – Year 2016, Prasanthi Nilayam is buzzing with joyous reminiscences of her Supreme Essence – Beloved Mother Sai and Her unparalleled touch of love. As the celebrations continue here at Prasanthi Nilayam, alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Primary and Higher Secondary School along with family members paid a unique homage to Bhagawan this evening at the Sanctum Sanctorum, that stands testimony to the most unparalleled ‘Bond Of Love’ between The Lord and His students.

The evening that commenced with an instrumental offering flowed on with two speeches, songs and dances and a refreshingly awakening video presentation.

Education that is received at the Primary and Higher Secondary Schools can be gotten from any outside school, but not the ‘unique Sai system of learning’, and thus a real Sai student who practices Him stands different from the rest of the world. Two speeches this evening brought out stories of this unique facet of love between Bhagawan and His students.  The speakers were Smt A. Sai Venkatalakshmi, Senior Scientist at ISRO, and Sri  A. Raghavendra, Sr. Vice President and Zonal Head – South, Commercial Banking at IndusInd Bank, both from the first batch of Bhagawan’s Primary School.

A video presentation next, on His Essence Of Love, effectively captured the devotees’ imagination, illustrating the ‘unique technique’ from the modern point of view, as to how efficiently ‘Love’ can be installed in the human heart, explaining well the importance of debugging some of the unwanted programmes in the process. The children of the alumni also joined in the celebrations bringing in insertions of dance and songs.

It is arguably incomparable and unique to be contemporaries of The Avatar while being intertwined with His Life and Mission on Earth. A true Sai student knows this in his/her heart toeing the line, living the motto, ‘my life is His message’.

Bhajans continued and the session came to a close with Mangala Arathi at 1850 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II