Atma Vidya Presentation by Anantapur Campus…

The essential Sai message of the Cosmic ‘I’ principle earned an expressional identity this evening here, as the Anantapur students put on a dazzling display on the theme of ‘Atma Vidya’, as part of the ongoing Annual Sports and Cultural Festival in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Set in the centre-stage of the spacious Sai Kulwant Hall that houses the Sanctum Sanctorum, the presentation with Band, Music, devotionals, narrations, dialogues and dazzling stage-display brought forth the elusive truth of man’s supreme reality in a most simplistic and heartfelt language.

Man’s journey starts from ‘Dasoham’, servitude, progressing to ‘Atma Chintana’, irresistible internal quest of ‘Who Am I?’ peaking to the pinnacle of ‘Soham’, I Am God, echoed the graceful students lucidly presenting their priceless concepts and perceptions learnt at the Master’s Lotus Feet.

As Bhakta Hanuman and Bhakta Meera attained it with Lord Rama and Krishna, the drama declared in a united voice of devotional surrender that, “our lives are with Him, at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet”, a perfect beginning from ‘Dasoham’.

Effective punning with Bhagawan’s oft-quoted spiritual jargons made the presentation a quite innovative one, disseminating the message of the ‘I’ principle. Beautifully interspersed devotionals, percussion and band music along with commentary and dialogues made it a perfect ‘cosmic’ fusion of the eternal ‘I Am I’.

From ‘NoWhere’ came the ‘I’…to stay focused in the ‘NowHere’… in Its journey to ‘NoWhere’… I Am I… I Am I… I Am I…

It turned out to be scintillating all-round exhibition of the most essential of Sai messages, for the ‘you and me and all’ present in the august Prasanthi assembly. “We Are Now And EverMore Thy Property”, was the parting message by the grateful lot of His women students.

Following next, the Muddenahalli Campus presented a dance drama titled ‘Tere Pyar Ke Liye’ (For Your Love)  on the theme Faith and Love for God. The drama focused on how a single step of faith and love for Bhagawan brings the Lord to ‘move the mountains’, reaching out to the devotee with Infinite Love.

Set in the hostel backdrop, on this day of 14th Jan, the presentation showcased the protagonist Prem, who after an initial bout of depression regained his ground to do anything and everything for Bhagawan, most unconditionally, only to earn His boundless grace.

Prem was upset for having missed out his favourite role, playing the legendary musician ‘Tansen’ in the Sports Meet Drama, set for this day. Deeply depressed, he was down and out. Seeing him gloomy, one of his  good friends, a well-wisher and roommate interfered with valuable tips making him understand how mind plays devilish tricks, sinking man to the rock bottom.

Soon after watching a couple of drama-scenes at the hostel on Arjuna’s and Sabari’s devotional surrender, Prem realized the value of doing anything and everything for Bhagawan. That was the moment of transformation, uplifting the soul from the rock-bottom to the zenith of surrender. Life is not about expecting alone, beauty lies in sharing and caring.

Prem was charged and ready for anything for Bhagawan. At the nick of time came the call from the Warden asking him to play the protagonist role of Haridasa in the drama. As history would reveal, Tansen always sung for the Emperor, whereas Haridasa was the one who was ever drunk in devotional ecstasy with Lord Krishna. For the one step that Prem had taken with his resolution to serve the Lord, the Lord travelled a hundred and much more to grant him the best of the roles as a Divine reward.

Bhajans followed next and the session ended with Mangala Arathi at 1900 hrs.

II Samastah Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II