Gratitude Evening By Post Graduate Passingout Batch…

Set to leave the portals, they had fondling sweet memories of the Mother Incomparable, ever ready to gush forth. Even as the Gratitude Season continues in Prasanthi Nilayam, this evening the Post Graduate batch of passing out students from the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of SSSIHL along with the senior Music College passing out batch offered their Gratitude Prayer at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet here, in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Following the set Prasanthi pattern of gratitude programmes, the offering this evening was a mix of songs and memoirs. Lighting up the ession, singing the evergreen “O Nesthama Priyamaina Bandhama…”, the grateful hearts had a united plea to Beloved Mother Sai, to speak to them, a prayer that is ringing in the hearts of not alone the student fraternity, but all. A series of recountals followed next, all spoken in varied tongues, but with that united voice of love and gratitude.  Singing next, “SaiMaa We Love You…” even as the session continued, talents galore came to the fore in the form of percussion, instrumentals and band-display, etc. Other songs for the evening  were, “Madhura Mohana Ghana Shyama…”, “HumKo ThumSe Pyaar KithNa…”, “Every Single Act Of Mine…”, “Madhurama Amritamaa…”, “Oh SaiMaa…Oh SaiMaa…”, to name a few.

Before winding up with a group song, a Qawwali, the grateful hearts had a promise to Beloved Mother Sai that, they shall spread their learning at His Divine Lotus Feet with the world around.

Bhajans continued and the session ended with Mangala Arathi at 1915 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II