A Prayer For Israel and Ishmael and for all…

A prayer of peace for Israel and for Ishmael. It sounds uniquely Utopian in a world that is being constantly torn apart in the name of religious fanaticism aided by the foul cries from war mongers of fanatic order. Yet, in a world of optimism motivated by the concept of ‘Unity Of All Religions’, this is highly possible as happened in the holy Prasanthi precincts this holy Thursday evening.

The offering conducted by Ms Maria Quoos, the International Sarva Dharma Choir, with choristers from Zone 7 – Region 73 of Sathya Sai International Organisations representing Northern Europe, regaled the Supreme Divine in a hour-long choir this evening, presenting a bouquet of beautifully woven 17 all-religious-numbers.

Entitled “Sarva Dharma”, the central theme of the programme was Unity Of All Religions and the songs were from Polish, English, Hebrew, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Brazil, Spain, Ireland and Argentina.

Began with a Polish Prayer, “Our Father”, followed by a Ganesha invocations, the one-hour offering meandered through presenting 17 numbers, singing paeans to The Lord in His different Names. The numbers were: “Our Father”, a prayer in Polish, a Sri Ganesha invocation, “Shalu Shelom Yeruyshalayim”, a famous Jewish/Muslim number, “Ple Dlevina gari galdi…”, a Lativin number, “Let us play for The Lord”, a thanksgiving  Polish number, “Yemaya”, a song in African language Yoruba, “Sveika Marija”, from Lithuania, “O Senhor”, a Brazilian Bhajan, “Silent Night Over Palestine”, a Russian number, “Kukuteczka”, a folk song from Poland, “Giridhara Govinda Golala”, a Sai bhajan, “Alla”, “So-Ham”, a Spanish number, “Amor”, from Argentina, “May the long time”, a Scottish number, “Baba Yetu”, song from Africa to end with Sarva Dharma Prayer, “Om Tat Sri Narayana…”

The Choir had its inception 9 years ago, and had the unique privilege of singing in Bhagawan immediate Physical Presence. Presented all over the world, the Choir had its recent offering at the Sri Sathya Sai Abode in Mumbai, Dharmakshetra, on the auspicious Guru Purnima occasion. The International Sarva Dharma Choir is aimed at propagating Bhagawan’s Message Of Unity In Diversity of all regions, races and cultures.

Bhajans next followed by Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II