Inspirational Rhetoric By Dr Shailesh Srivastava…

If true inspiration comes from meticulous practice and ‘role-modelling’, the speaker for the 4th evening of the ongoing Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha, Dr Shailesh Srivastava stood by the above, delivering an awe-inspiring speech full of life and substance this evening here, in Prasanthi Nilayam.

A true practitioner of His teachings, Dr Shailesh began with an ‘oka chinna katha’ of Bhagawan reminding the audience of the need for purpose and continuity of any practice. Who is a true Vidyarthi? asked the speaker deliberating on the theme ‘sa vidya ya vimuktaye, meaning  That is ‘knowledge’, which is for the liberation, meandering towards a proper answer w.r.t. Bhagawan and His teachings.

Making a self-common-confession of the human folly, of sparing hollow words like merger, liberation without knowing the truth behind, the speaker soon opened up, flooding with a series of inspirational anecdotes suffused with great practical wisdom. Breezing past through His Story that has no parallels, Dr Shailesh tried to bring to the notice of the audience of the ‘real sacrificial life’ Bhagawan exemplified by confining HimSelf in a small room, with bare minimum facilities, leading an absolutely selfless love. Before conclusion, he revealed a beautiful experience of himself, wherein Bhagawan revealed to him that ‘He Is Still Sitting In The Bhajans’ in the hall.

“Let’s not for a moment feel that this Sai Baba Is elsewhere…for those who are self-realised, He is everywhere; for those who do not believe, He is nowhere…and for those of us, devotees who do not know, who are in a dilemma, He is in the ‘Samadhi’ or in the Chair, said the speaker, exhorting the audience to raise the bar of love and faith to become a true Vidyarthi. Dr Shailesh concluded singing the beautiful English song, “Why Fear When I Am Here…”

Bhagawan’s feast of Divine discourse followed next. Bhagawan exhorted on the absolute need to recognise the truth that all are God. One should conduct him/herself so that every action vouches that faith, echoed Bhagawan in His thundering mellifluous voice. Students from the Anantapur Campus then presented a musical offering, singing paeans to Him for the next twenty minutes.

Earlier, the session commenced at 1640 hrs. with a Vedic invocation by the students of the Brindavan Campus.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II