Advocating Soft Power Development In The Area Of Higher Education…

Stressing on the importance of higher education in the present day scenario, Prof. (Dr.) G. Gopa Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Central University, Kasaragod, Kerala called for the greater need to re-invent India’s glorious past with great educational bloom. Education should not be profit-oriented, rather quality and character-oriented. 

Prof. Gopa Kumar was addressing a group of over 400 teachers from Kerala, attending a three day educational training programme in Prasanthi Nilayam. Touching upon the marked decline in the field of education following a thriving past, now with democracy in action, we need to emphasise on three important areas, said the speaker, identifying access, equity and quality being the three important factors. Hailing India and country’s achievements in various areas, Prof. Gopa Kumar also emphasized on the need to encourage curriculum development to the highest level, focusing on empowering the younger generation enabling them to face growing demands. With a meager 2 percentage GDP on higher education, but with substantial all-round progress in many areas, the speaker in his closing remarks underlined on the greater need to Soft Power Development that encompasses character building through enhanced training in human values.

It was a thoroughly technical speech, with the speaker dissecting the topic of higher education in details, divulging in detail with his vast experience. Hailing such move to conduct training programmes locally, at the national and international level, the speaker was of the opinion that such trained, qualified, well-equipped teachers from the country will be of great demand and use in the national as well international scene.

The three-day training programme is attended by over 400 teachers from across the state.

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