‘Go Green’ Continues In Prasanthi Nilayam…

Fifth session of the ongoing 2-day Go Green Conference at the Sai Kulwant Hall this morning featured three specialised speeches here, in Prasanthi Nilayam.

First speaker for the session was Manfred Mueller-Gransee, a self-employed trainer and consultant who is running a recycling project for electronic products. He is also active with the SSIO, currently serving as the Central Coordinator for Region-7 as well the Chairman of Sai Care Foundation of Germany.

Nature is a manifestation of God; Nature is the effect and God Is the cause, said Mr. Manfred beginning his deliberation on the theme  Nature: The Vesture Of God. Our goal is to raise our awareness to the ultimate truth that nature is the manifestation of God. Nature is the Supreme Teacher for us to recognise who we really are, to discover our spiritual basis and to re-identify with God in nature and in all living beings. Calling Divine Love as the basis of Nature’s work frame, the speaker thus emphasised that Nature Is The Vesture Of God.

Referring to the 2000 years of exploitation after the time of Jesus Christ, Manfred listed out the catastrophically gruesome ill-effects of the human exploitation threatening lives on planet earth. The way out lies in following His teachings, practising the five human values and practising the programme of ceiling on desires, while fulfilling utmost His Divine Commandment of ‘Love All Serve All; Help Ever Hurt Never’. At a personal level, everyone need to contribute, opined the speaker citing his own example of inspired action resulted into a global SSIO project, Mobile Phone Recycling Project. For the past more than 13 years Manfred is running a business of ‘Re-Sai-Cling’ based on His five human values, as guided by Bhagawan.

How can we raise the awareness of the world around, concerning the relationship between God, Nature and Man? posed Manfred for a while listing out three distinctive ways… (a) by definite awareness that one is  God and not different from Him (b) by owning responsibility that it is ‘me’ who has to undertake at least one complete step towards rebalancing between God, Nature and Man and finally (c) by sharing Bhagawan’s message with others.

Addressing next on the topic Environmental Initiatives In India, Sri Nimish Pandya, All India President Of SSSSO, began on a positive note, saying: Let all the environmentalist worry and fear, but as long as we have the blessing of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the world will remain always green. Transforming self to transforming the world is the mandate of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, reminded Sri Nimish explaining how, as per Indian tradition the 5-elements are being respected and revered. Referring to the active, constant, God-made battle between mind and conscience, Mr Pandya confessed on behalf of mankind in general that man often chooses to ignore the conscience call and thus the environmental problems. 5 elements, 5 Senses along with 5 Human Values form the solution for all environmental issues. Pointing out on the character crisis in India, he said,  when conscience dominates the mind and mind acts in unison with the conscience, there lies the solution. Speaking of Individual Environmental Responsibility, the erudite speaker then spelt out some of the statistical details needed in the hour to rebalance the nature, as an act of compensation for the exploitation from human end. Listing out many an initiative happening all around India, Sri Nimish Pandya cited the beautiful story of Darjeeling district from West Bengal wherein, eco-conscious public, sevadals, more than 3500 in number, including women and children, take part in a 65-km stretch of cleaning before the monsoon season every year along the National Highway to prevent landslides. To make His Sankalpa win we need to improve ourselves; we are the only people who can fulfil the wish of our Master.

Ms. Shruthi Vijayakumar, a YA from New Zealand was the last speaker who spoke on ‘Opportunity For Action’. Beginning with Nature’s Beauty Beyond Compare magic that she personally experienced in a country beach in New Zealand facing the mighty pacific ocean, wherein Sun, Moon, the water and the Starlit Sky all came in tandem to weave a magic of Panoramic Natural Beauty, Ms. Shruthi had something poignant to the audience. She said, we often tend to forget that the very Swami Whom we try to please every little moment in our lives exists in Nature; it is He who is eating the plastics bags, Who is breathing the polluted air. Listing out many an imbalancing human act that ill-serve the planet, Shruthi sounded that Mother Earth has lost her balance and what is required is our collective thoughts and actions. The external pollution is just a reflection of our inner pollution and the solution lies in following His teachings, said Shruthi citing her own personal steps taken practising respect for nature at every single step.  It takes courage to follow… to be, reminded the young speaker ending her inspiring speech sharing the commonly accepted perception of the fraternity, of making our lives His message, the one and only solution. Ms. Shruthi Vijayakumar is currently pursuing her MBA at Oxford and is also active with the International Environmental Committee of SSIO.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II