Bhagawan Ki Gawahi, God As Witness – Drama by Bihar Balvikas

Attributeless Lord Of Compassion is not impressed by external fineries nor by any worldly qualification, but by the purity of heart. When man’s devotion crosses ‘limits-all and limitations-many’, He manifests HimSelf bailing that devotee out, solving the  ‘knottiest’ of all problems. This evening, Balvikas children from the Parthi Yatra group from Bihar presented a drama in Hindi titled ‘Bhagawan Ki Gawahi, God As Witness‘ portraying the Bond Of Love between The Lord and His devotee. Presernting a simpleton devotee by name Bhola who would always find solace in his unflinching faith in Lord Raghunath, the drama showcased how, The Lord came in to save Bhola in his worst hour of crisis. Bhola, who had taken fifty thousand on loan from an acquaintance, a greedy landlord, repaid the same within the agreed time-frame. Greedy and crooked, the landlord taking advantage of the simpleton’s illiteracy gave in return a blank receipt, that resulted in securing a court summons against Bhola. Helpless and innocent, Bhola had only one answer to the probing Judge, Lord Raghunath knows everything and He is the Witness.

Lord of compassion could not resist, but has to manifest in the guise of an old man, thus playing the role of a court witness.  Providing finer details of the whereabouts of the actual receipt, Lord Raghunath saves Bhola only to prove that Pure Heart Of A Devotee Wins His Heart. The drama ends with a scene showcasing the Judge’s remorse at missing out The Lord Who appeared in the guise of an old man. Needless to say, the Judge was transformed, offering his life at His Feet. The presentation was interspersed with beautiful dance sequences.

Bhajans continued and the session concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

A sizable contingent of devotees have joined the first ever Parthi Yatra by Bihar.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavnatu II