The Holy Bundle Of Bliss

Such an infinitely blessed life… that of the Holy Bundle Of Bliss of blessed Mother Mary, Jesus…The Christ, Whose life was an infinitely blessed Song Of His Flute, full of Love and Compassion, Who, finally taken upon ‘himself’ the accumulated sins of the whole world sacrificing his personal self, embracing The Divine Self… as Bhagawan pronounces, the state of Adwaita. Jesus has always been ‘a chosen one’ for Beloved Bhagawan, The Lord Supreme, Who often projected ‘him’ as His chosen ‘messenger’ for the world to watch and emulate. Once again as we embrace the ‘holy advent’ in the Christmas week, let’s recapitulate on the essential Sai message of the three vital spiritual stages of the rarely blessed life on Planet Earth.

Jesus was karana-janma, a Master born with a purpose, the mission of restoring love, charity and compassion in the heart of man. He had no attachment to the self, nor paid any heed to joy or sorrow, loss or gain. He had a heart that responded to the call of anguish, and he went about the land preaching the lesson of love. His life was a libation for the upliftment of humanity. Like most seekers, he first searched for The Divine in the objective world. But he soon realised that the world is a kaleidoscopic picture created by one’s own imagination, and sought to find God within himself. His stay in the Himalayan monasteries in Kashmir and in other centres of eastern asceticism and philosophical inquiry, gave him greater awareness.

From the attitude of being a Messenger of God, he could now call himself the Son of God. The bond of relationship increased: the ‘I’ was no more some distant light or entity; the light became a part of the “I”. With the body-consciousness predominant, he was a messenger. With the heart-consciousness in the ascendant, he felt a greater nearness and dearness, and so the ‘son-father’ bond seems natural at this stage. Later as the Atman-consciousness was established, Jesus could declare, “I and ‘My Father are One.” The three stages may be described as: “I was in The Light”, “The Light was in me”, and “I am The Light”, and may be compared to the Dwaita (dualism), Visishtadwaita (qualified non-dualism) and Adwaita (non-dualism) stages as described in Vedic philosophy. The final stage is The One when all duality has been shed. This is the essence of all religious disciplines and teachings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II