Waiting For God Is Nothing But Sadhana

During the glorious golden years of His infinite magnanimity, of His physical darshan, when He would come out in open to move amongst the sea of devotees, gliding past and blessing the folk in multifarious ways, how many of us did really take Him seriously, knowing that every single moment of pining for Him is worth  an ‘infinity’ and beyond? A beautiful story from Sri Ajit Popat, about the supreme significance of Waiting For God, extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, Oct 2019.

It was at the morning darshan that Swami lovingly called a few devotees for a lifetime experience of Divine interview. After the interview, Swami opened the door and was standing near the interview room. I had come for the Divine Darshan just three days before with my daughter, who had come with me for the first time. My wife had decided to stay back at home in London.

Swami looked at me and enquired about some details about the UK group, which was to come after a few months for Parthi Yatra as per His Divine plan. He then said, “Puppet, come to residence at 3.00 p.m.” I was overjoyed and said, “Yes, Baba”.

At about 2.40 p.m., I was all ready to leave for Divine Abode. My daughter asked, “Dad, why so early”? I said, “Baba has called me. I will be back after the evening session”. She said, “Fine. I will wait for you. We will have dinner together”. I said, “That is great”. I reached the Divine Abode and sent word to Beloved Swami.

Very promptly, the person returned and said, Swami says, you should wait. Time was 3.15 p.m. As usual, Swami went to Sai Kulwant Hall for blessing the devotees with Divine Darshan and bhajan session. He returned at around 6.40 p.m. and went inside His Abode. I was now full of hope and joy and looking forward to go in and talk to Him.

At around 7.50 p.m., some officials who normally used to be with Swami to receive instructions and also have his Prasadam (dinner) came out from the front door. I was all the time, waiting near the adjacent building. One of the officials saw me and said, “Puppet, you are still here”? I said, “Yes, sir; I am waiting to be called in”. That was it.

There were sevadal boys at the gate, and one or two security staff moving about. It was getting dark and I was looking at the watch every few minutes and also praying in my mind, “Swami, please call Puppet, I am waiting”. At about 8.15 p.m., one of the senior boys came out with a chair and said, “Puppet sir, you better sit and wait”. (Swami had instructed me to wait and not sit). Time now was almost 9.00 p.m., mind you, I was standing there from 3.00 p.m. I was tired, thirsty, and also thinking about my daughter who was waiting. I was moving about from the gate of Divine Abode to the main entrance of residence, pacing up and down and praying.

Time now was 10.00 p.m., and suddenly the side door of the residence opened, and the same boy came out. I said, “Sai Ram”. He said, “You are still here? Swami has already gone upstairs and now there is no chance, you better go”.

I did not know what to say; I was completely dazed. Slowly, somehow, I climbed three long flight of stairs of W9 building and reached W9/D7. The door was open, the dinner was laid out on the dining table and my daughter was fast asleep on the chair.

Suddenly, she woke up when I came out of washroom and asked, “What is the time”? I said, “It is almost 10.15 p.m”. She said, “You took very long time! What did Baba say”? “I never met Him today”, I said. She said, “What? You did not meet Him! Then, where were you from 3.00 p.m.”? “I was waiting,” I said. She just could not believe me. “Let us eat, I am hungry. You too must be,” I said. “Yes, you can say that later”, she said. I could not sleep well. I was tired and disappointed.

Next morning, I left very early and was in the verandah by 6.30 a.m. (during those days, Swami used to come early.) Swami came around 6.55 a.m., and after giving Darshan, went inside the interview room. I was sitting at my usual place, right in front of the interview room, but there was no eye contact with Swami.

After bhajan, Swami returned to His Abode and I was back in W9/D7. My daughter came in after a while and asked, “So, what did Baba say”? I looked at her and said, “Nothing”. She promptly remarked, “He did not say a word about yesterday? Ah! Just cannot believe that. He should have at least said something”. I said, “He Is God Almighty. He need not say anything”. She said, “But He could have asked you to go back if He was busy”. I said, “I waited as per His instructions”.

In the afternoon, Swami came around 4.00 p.m. and as soon as He came in the verandah, He called me. I followed Him in the interview room and He shut the door. I sat down at His Lotus Feet. There was complete silence. After a while, He opened His eyes and said, “Puppet, waiting at the doorstep of God is not mere waiting; it is Sadhana”. I kept on looking at Him, He did the same. After a few seconds, He very lovingly said, “Go”!!!

Now whenever I stand in line outside any temple or in Sai Kulwant Hall, I remember His Divine teaching: Wait With Faith; It Is Sadhana.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II