How To Face Difficulties Upfront?

Bhagawan, in one of the messages to Lucas Ralli, spoke about how one should face up to the challenges of life, accepting them as the right opportunities in one’s spiritual path. Before getting into the subject, here is a small ‘interview room’ story from Peggy Mason of the UK, ‘certifying’ the authenticated messages received by Lucas Ralli.

“Can these messages be truly accurate, one may ask? Well, I shall always remember the occasion, very early on, when Lucas asked Baba for verification of a certain rather long message. Baba asked for a pen and simply altered one word.’  – Peggy Mason

It is good that you ask Me, for you are confused, and even though all is God, confusion can and does exist.

The manifestation of God is at many levels because all levels are simply different aspects of God. God is everyone and everything. So, when you consider the problem that face you, contemplate the thought that all is God, even all problems are God, just different manifestations.

You have to decide how to relate to all this and the particular experiences that come to you in each life time. Sudden decisions to do this or that, or to opt out of this or that, will only bring what appears to be temporary relief, a token satisfaction. But the fact that these experiences have come to you in this life is the important thing, because it means you have a direct opportunity to face such problems, solve them, learn from the lessons which they bring, and then pass on, leaving behind a cleaner slate. If, however, you shy away, you merely postpone the working out of this part of your karmic state. So, be like the wise souls who welcome difficulties and grasp the chance to face them and, thus, the opportunity to move ahead on the spiritual path.

Look at all problems in this way, as opportunities, not real difficulties. At the same time, you get the opportunity to help others whose past karmas are inextricably linked to your own.

Everything will fall into place, although seldom in quite the way you expect, but that is not important. What is important is that you remain intact, on the path, and do not allow yourself to withdraw away to some sidewater, where you appear to find rest, but which takes you away from the true spiritual path. Contemplate all these thoughts as you decide what to do.

It is right to be firm, but fair, when you are in a position of trust and authority. Do not lower yourself to the levels which some people reach in moments of anger, because that will not do anyone any good, nor will it solve the problem.

Be kind, be understanding, be tolerant, be logical, be true to your own self and do not be influenced by emotion, whether it is your own or the emotion of others around you.

I will help you. The problems are not as big as you think. There is nothing which cannot be solved with a little patience, love and understanding.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II