Why Fear When I Am Here

With Sai in our lives, or in more clear terms, we being fortunate to be ‘with Sai’ in thought, word, and deed, we are sure to go fearless, come what the situation is. What fear is and how do we encounter this so-called devil, relying on Swami, depending only on Godhood, explains Swami vide His message to Lucas Ralli from the United Kingdom. Extracted from the book series, ‘Sai Messages For You And Me’.

Fear is an aspect of separation, a feeling of being entirely alone. You think you are on your own and you become confused, disturbed, uncertain, and above all, “fearful”.

All these negative thoughts and emotions send out alarm signals through the nervous system and these affect the body and disturb its natural balance.

Whenever you experience fear, turn to God, think of God, speak to God and ask for His divine help. Always remember your own innate divinity and that fact that God resides in your heart and is there with you now. What can there be to fear, provided you maintain that constant link with the Divine?

Life with God is bliss; Life without God is meaningless and empty. You live, but what can be the purpose of such a life? It will have its ups and downs, apparent successes and moments of pleasure, but at the end of that life, what have you really achieved? It is like a cork which falls into the sea and bobs about endlessly, getting nowhere. Is that the sort of life which you want to live?

Today, everyone has the chance for a new awakening and the opportunity to move closer and closer to God and realise their inner Divinity. That awakening can come quite quickly. One day you are ‘lost’, and then some experience brings about an awakening, even though it may be only the beginning. But it is a start on the spiritual path, the only path that can lead your real destination, the merging with God.

Leave the past behind you and do not dwell on it. Look ahead, towards the light, and continue your journey, knowing that The Lord is there beside you. Bring Him into your life in all that you do; then peace will come, and all negative feelings will fade away.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II