The Legend Of Vamana

Kerala’s ‘legendary’ Onam festivity comes with the paramount spiritual message of absolute surrender to the Supreme One, citing the ideal of Emperor Mahabali.  The festival that had celebrated its ‘golden jubilee’ in Prasanthi Nilayam last year always relished the most incomparable Physical Presence of Bhagawan, Who invariably delivered Divine discourses every single Onam occasion. Read on the beautiful Divine narration of the legend of Lord Vamana. (Onam Divine discourse on 16-9-1994)

Good and bad always co-exist.  Without pain one cannot have the enjoyment of pleasure. Without darkness one cannot feel the value of light. Man should learn to enjoy the dualities of good and bad, pain and pleasure, in moderation. Food consumed in excess causes indigestion. If it is inadequate it results in starvation. Man can even have ego in a limited measure.  If he balances his feelings he can have peace and happiness.

Kashyapa and his two wives, Dithi and Adithi, were the parents of devas (demigods) and asuras (demons). Indra, the king of devas, went to fight with the king of the asuras, as it was common practice in those days for one king to invade the kingdom of another to acquire additional territory.

Mahabali  vanquished  Indra  in  the  war  and  proceeded  to  annexe  the territory of Indra and occupied his capital Amaravati. Kashyapa had gone to the Himalayas to do penance. Lamenting over the defeat of her son, Indra, Aditi was in great grief. When she was wailing, Kashyapa came to her. Instantly, he was able to recognise the cause of her grief by divine insight, which he had acquired as a result of his penance.

He consoled his wife Aditi saying that nothing happens in the world without God’s will and people should go on doing their duties. He asked her to pray to Lord Narayana and taught her a vrata (ritual) to be followed strictly, known as Payovrata (milk ritual).  It has to be observed from the twelfth day of the bright half of Karthika (suklapaksha dwadasi). She observed the vrata as prescribed. A devotee’s sincere prayer will never go waste. Since she carried out the vrata with a pious heart, Narayana appeared before her and informed her that He would Himself take birth in her womb and help Indra.

Aditi was very happy and true to the word of the Lord, she gave birth to a son of uncommon effulgence on the twelfth day of the bright half of the month of Bhadrapada. That child was Vamana Murthi. Even as a child He demonstrated His Divine power by doing marvelous deeds.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II