Love That Radharani Is…

Develop pure, selfless and egoless Love, then God will manifest before you instantaneously, assures Bhagawan recounting a beautiful episode from the life of Bhagawan Sri Krishna involving the ever-incomparable Divine Lover, Radharani, and Mother Yashoda. Extracted from Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse in Prasanthi Nilayam on July 31, 1996.

Once Yashoda went on searching for Krishna, “Where is Krishna, where has He gone?” She was searching for Krishna because she identified Him with His physical form. Once you realise that Krishna is everywhere, then you don’t need to search for Him.

As Yashoda was searching for Krishna, Radha came there. Yashoda asked Radha, “Oh Radha! Have you seen my child? Has my Gopala come to your house? I have searched in all streets and have gone to all houses, but I could not find Him. Did you see Him anywhere?” Radha closed her eyes and chanted the Name of Krishna with a heart full of Love. At that very moment, Krishna appeared there.

This incident was an eye-opener for Yashoda. She said to Radha, “All along I thought Krishna is my son and I am His mother. I have been thinking that no one else has more love for Krishna than me. I had this pride that there is none other in this world who gives such unlimited love to Krishna as I do. But so far I never realised that your Love for Krishna is much superior and is endowed with great power. There is so much power in your Love that the moment you remembered Him with Love, He manifested before you.”

What was the type of Radha’s Love for Krishna? It was pure, unsullied and totally devoid of ego. That is why Krishna manifested before her then and there. If there is even a small trace of impurity and ego in your heart, God will never manifest before you, no matter for how many hours, days and even yugas (aeons) you may pray to Him.

Yashoda caught hold of the hand of Radha and said, “So far I was under the influence of ego and ignorance. You have removed them and opened my eyes. There may be many in this world who love Krishna more than me. But due to my ignorance, I thought my love for Krishna was the greatest. This was my mistake. Kindly teach me the path of Love that you follow.” Radha replied, “Mother, this is not something that someone can teach you or give you. Once you realise your True Self and have Total Faith in Krishna, this Love will automatically develop in you.”

Once when Krishna returned home, Yashoda complained to Him:

Oh Krishna! You do not eat what I serve You at home. But You go to the houses of the gopikas and steal their butter. Oh dear Krishna! It spoils our good name.

Yashoda said, “Krishna, there is so much butter in our house, but You don’t eat it. On the other hand, You go to the houses of others and steal their butter even when they try to chase You away. What is the inner meaning of this?”

The inner meaning is that Krishna does not steal butter; He steals the hearts of gopikas which are full of Love. If you develop pure, selfless and egoless Love, God will manifest before you immediately. You don’t need to wait even for a moment. It is only due to their delusion arising out of their body attachment that people undergo suffering.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II