Lip Service To God Is No Service At All…

The Hands That Help Are Holier Than The Lips That Pray – thus spake Bhagawan, often reminding devotees of the greater importance of being in sync with Thought, Word and Deed, the much-acclaimed and sought-after Trikaranasuddhi. Are we in sync with the creation at large and beyond, aiming at the one and only desirable status, Oneness? A beautiful incident from Sri Amarjit Singh Bamrah, presented in third person narrative here, reminding us of the greater importance of being in union with Thought, Word and Deed. 

A devotee from overseas had the great good fortune of getting initiation from Bhagawan once, Who once made a subtle visitation to him, into a fire ceremony that led him to chant the sacred Gayatri Mantra incessantly, 24/7 for a prolonged period. Over a period of time, the holy chanting had become part and parcel of his day to day affairs.

One fine morning as he completed his ‘conversations with God’ and came out of the prayer room, he happened to see a huge-sized beetle near the door, outside his office. As he calls it, it was huge, ugly and dead. By nature, he had an aversion towards the ‘beetle class’. In his growing hatred towards the ‘not-so-auspicious ‘uninvited’ visitor’ at his doorstep, he kicked the same, murmuring at himself in an angry tone, “I will ask one of my staff members to throw it out later! yuck!’

Busily engaged in his work, soon the beetle incident slipped off his mind. A couple of hours later, he was into his regular prayer session, thanking God for everything. Lighting up the lamp and incense sticks, he thanked the Supreme Godhead for allowing his team of pilots and aircraft to fly safely. Then he whispered unto Him:

“God! I Love You! God! I Love You!”

Most unexpectedly, lo! What did he see next?!? There appeared Bhagawan, standing right in front of him in His absolute majesty! Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai manifested HimSelf in His corporeal form at the Falcon Flying Services workshop!!! The moment next, with the wave of His hand, Bhagawan manifested a giant TV screen on the office wall.

Bhagawan then took this devotee into a flashback, where the devotee saw himself walking into the hangar chanting the sacred Gayatri Mantra, simultaneously kicking the beetle.

Bhagawan spoke to him next in a low yet affirmative tone: “Amarjit, You don’t love God; you live in pretence.”

‘What’s wrong, Baba?’ Amarjit retorted, ’I love God, look into the TV, I am chanting the Gayatri Mantra, I am praying 24/7, Swami.’

Baba said, “Look at the bruise marks on My back, where you have just kicked Me.” (The TV screen now displayed a scene showing him, ‘himself’ kicking the beetle.)

‘But, the beetle is not You, Baba?’ …he ‘argued’ with Swami.

Baba: “It was God you kicked, Amarjit.”

“But the ugly beetle is dead and lifeless, Swami; it has no life in it.” Bhagawan averred in a clear tone: “Amarjit, Lip Service To God Is No Service At All.” (Read it mere Lip Service, sans practising the precept…)

“You might as well not chant any prayers if your consciousness does not perceive God in all you do and see.”

“Your next lesson is to perceive and see God in everything you do and see.”

“God is in the chair you sit on, in the incense stick you light, in your aircraft, in your engineers, in your customers… whatever wrong you do, God feels it instantly.”

“God is in the floor you are standing on, God is everywhere, and God is the air you breathe. God is the totality of creation and, You too – are the Totality of Creation! This is your next Lesson: To merge with God, raise your compassion to see God in all inert things too!”

Imparting the most profound of the lessons, Bhagawan then de-materialised HimSelf, leaving Amarjit to ponder over the whole of the beautiful happenings, leaving him to connect the dots to grasp the greater purport of life,  leading unto Oneness!!!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II