“That’s My Job; I Will Do That.”

How gritty are you in the face of problems upsetting the rhythm of your day-to-day life? … and what is your Faith Quotient, that could help in times of adversities? …a beautiful narration of a personal experience by Smt Karunamba Ramamurthy in the book Sri Sathya Sai Anandadai is a lesson for you and me, lesson on Faith and Surrender.

“On September 29, 1961, Shankara and myself went to Puttaparthi. My mind was in turmoil. We had lost a case pertaining to some property in a prime location in Mysore city, in a lower court, which meant a huge financial loss to us. I rushed to my mother who had put up in the old mandir and apprised her of our predicament. Her reaction was predictably calm. With faith in Swami, which did not falter even for a moment, she said, “We may be at an apparent loss, but Swami does everything for our good.”

We waited near the Interview Room to have darshan. Bhajan was in progress. Many were in the verandah for the interview. After quite some time, Swami came out. Seeing us, Swami told all the old devotees, ‘Go and attend the bhajan. I will have to see the new comers now. You can do only Padanamaskar now.” We did Padanamaskar and went to the bhajans.

On the next day, we waited near the Interview Room before the commencement of bhajans. Swami called us. We went in. Both of us did Padanamaskar. He asked, “What happened?” I said, “Swami, we lost,” and gave Him the details. Swami asked us to appeal to the higher court. I said that it would cost more and we could not afford that much money.

Swami placed His hand on my head and said, “Swami is there. He will look after everything.” Later, He recited a sloka and said, “Do you know what Lakshmana prayed Rama? He prayed, ‘Rama, just as You use Adisesha as Your bed in Your manifestation as Vishnu, please keep me in Your proximity forever. Did he lack anything – wealth, kingdom, parents and wife? Still he left all those things and asked for Rama’s proximity. Similarly, you must yearn for Him alone. You will somehow, be carried through all other tribulations.”

I said, “Swami, always keep us in Your mind. Shall we try again, Swami? It either makes or mars our future security.” Swami advised us to appeal in the higher court. All of us did Padanamaskar and left.

We appealed in the higher court and lost again. Out grief knew no bounds. Terribly shaken, we came to Puttaparthi again. The next day was Monday and we sat outside the Interview Room.  After calling a few persons, Swami called us. We had gone there only to do Padanamaskar, but had the good chance of talking to Him. Swami came towards me and said, “Money, money, worries about money. Do you know what you should worry about? You should worry that you have not yet realised God.”

I said, “Swami, I too worry about it.” Swami said, “Then why worry about this so much? As long as the purse was with you, you had to worry about it. Now that you have given it to Me, it is My duty to look after you. Should you worry still?” I said, “We should not, Swami. We worry about repaying all the accumulated debts. We just do not see any way out.”

Swami explained, “You are afraid because your faith in Me has reduced. If you had complete faith in Me, you would not have developed fear. Do you know what is Atmarpana? Whatever may happen, you should relentlessly follow Him. He will do something or the other for you. He will somehow make everything all right. He (pointing Himself) can do anything. What did Ramadasa and others do? Only this much, isn’t it? Whatever punishment they underwent, they were relentlessly thinking of Rama.”

I said, “Even Ramadasa and others found fault with You when they had to go through unbearable adversities. What of lesser mortals like us, Swami? You are aware of the huge loss we sustained in the court case which was decided against us.” Swami, hearing this laughed loudly. I asked, Swami, if You are really present in our hearts, how do we get such problems and worries?” He said, “Why? Didn’t Ramadasa and others face similar problems?” I said, “Swami, they could have committed some mistakes when You were not present in their hearts. We are sure we have not done anything wrong to deserve this fate.” Swami said, “When you take this human form, committing some mistakes is inevitable. But you should not think of those. Think of Him always.”

Swami said, “It is a pity that you have lost heart for such a trivial issue.” I said, “We are afraid of repaying the loans,” picking up the thread of the earlier conversations of the court case. Swami consoled, “Keep yourself calm. You will get the money to repay the loans. Is there a sky without clouds?… a rose without thorns?… a man without worries? I said, “Swami, the thorn is not in contact with the rose. It is present, but exists separately. Please grace us so that thorns in us do not hurt others.” Swami said, “That is My job; I will do that.”

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II