Timeless Message For True Truth Aspirants…

The day man leaves everything unto Him, in absolute surrender, he is sure to witness a major miracle, wherein He will take over, carrying the devotee in His Arms, helping him to complete the drama of life, back unto the Source . A beautiful piece of ‘awakening-writing’ by Sri SD Khera with His priceless promises.

Many times have I passed through the gate of death; many wombs have I danced through. Many times have I laid myself down in sleep; and many times have I risen up. At last, O Gracious Lord, you have touched my eyelids and my heart has blossomed into the region whence You have come.

Let me arise and go forth with Thee. I am enamoured and overcome with Thy Love. Beholding Thy beauty, listening to Thy words, inhaling the Fragrance of Thy Presence, I yearn to begin my real life.

When I prayed to Baba thus, He said, with a smile, “You are choked with the dust you have yourself raised! Yours is a self-imposed bondage. Steeped in the consciousness of your body, you are heavy with mortal adhesions. You have built your house on a bridge! Remember, you are a pilgrim on the march.

Your first duty to yourself is to abandon! Abandon all your plans, even the best ones. Abandon all the theories you cherish; the doctrines you hold dear; the systems of knowledge which have cluttered your brain; the preferences you have accumulated; the pursuit of fame, fortune, scholarship, superiority; these are all material objective. Enter the objective world, after becoming aware of the Atma; then, you will realise that all is the play of Atma.

You ran to and fro, over the world, away from your Self, seeking substance in shadows, and earned only war and conflict, tears and groans. Who cast those shadows? This question did not arise in your muddled mind. One phantasm followed another, one transitory gain or loss followed another, and the days rolled relentlessly by. Now, bewildered and disgusted, finding no rest and peace, you cry for help in utter anguish.

Give up even thought, He told me. For, thought is alien to your reality. It is vain to tarry at the intellectual level, for, systems and philosophies however cleverly erected, plans and purposes, proofs and arguments can please and satisfy only for a time; they contradict and destroy each other, in the end. Seek, but do not get entangled. Be like the fly, which cleans its legs of the honey or slime in which it is caught; remove every particle, attractive or disgusting, which sullies the brightness of the soul and impairs its freedom.”

He said, “Leave all to Me, absolutely. Carry on the duties of the place assigned to you. Do not forsake the past; give your best, out of Love, to Me and to all in whom I Am.

He said, “Though you appear to all who look on, as engaged in worldly pursuits, in worldly plans and occupations, know that you are busy only with Me and My task. You are instruments, in My Hands. I Am operating all mortals as the machinist operates the machine. I dwell in every heart. All you have been and seen and done and thought, not you, but I, have seen and been and wrought! Pilgrim, pilgrimage and road, was but Myself! You arrived at Myself!”

Baba called, “Come, all lost Atma‘s, to your centre, draw! O! Rays that have wandered into the wide darkness! Return! Subside back into the Sun.”

I am a ray, a spark, a wave, He taught me. Baba said, “The entire universe is as unreal as a dream; sleep causes dreams; Maya is the sleep that has caused this appearance of Creation on the Reality of the One, the ParamAtma.”

Baba assured me, “Be established in the ONE. You are Poorna, Full; you can have no wants. Act ever in the consciousness of innate Divinity. The Atmic Vision destroys all desires for objective joys.”

O’ Gracious Mother!…In Thy vast Eternal Compassion…Heal us, Thy foolish children, Who heed Thee not; but, turn their backs on Thee… and scratch and scramble… in ash heaps and dust bins…for tricks and trivial tools…that can break the bonds…and confer salvation and freedom.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II