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This evening, arriving at 1805 hrs., Bhagawan, on completing His round of darshan came on to the dais in ten minutes marked by a crescendo in bhajans. Presiding over the session He sat for the next ten minutes before accepting Arathi at 1830 hrs. After Arathi, Bhagawan blessed some boys with Vibhuti prasadam before leaving the dais to retire to Yajur Mandiram at 1835 hrs. read more »


Fulfilling the day’s aspirations and prayers from thousands congregated in Sai Kulwant Hall, Bhagawan emerged from the Divine Abode at 1820 hrs. here Friday evening.

For them, those who have assembled in the evening, His Mandir is a golden dream and to be in His presence is the gift supreme!

Taking His usual route, as Bhagawan moved past, hundreds upon thousands were glued to the Divine form, catching a precious, priceless glimpse from the moving car. Gliding past, at the gents’ side, Bhagawan spent close to two minutes, blessing a youth group from Mumbai.

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Christmas and New Year are over and there is a letdown in the rush of devotees in Prasanthi. This evening Bhagawan arrived at 1920 hrs. in His car.

A glance from Him says many thing!…and for many, ‘it’s’ everything! With His slow round of darshan, as He moved past, Bhagawan was radiating His blessed glance upon the mass of devotees through the entire stretch of pathway.

Coming on stage in ten minutes, wearing a smile on His face, Bhagawan sat through watching over the congregation of devotees. It’s sports time in Parthi and students from outstation campuses, Anantapur and Brindavan, have arrived for the final round of preparations. As Bhagawan sat through, the students from Brindavan Campus, who have just arrived, were rushing ‘with their attendance’, into the Mandir to have a glance and more importantly expecting a Glance back from Him.

Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi at 1940 hrs.; even as Arathi was on Bhagawan blessed birthday boys, blessing each one of them with Vibhuti Prasadam.

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Bhagawan arrived for Darshan at 1910 hrs in His car. Even as the car was taking its usual route, Bhagawan asked the driver to stop the car near the mandir and resumed His journey in chair. Bhagawan interacted with some of the devotees on His way to the stage. Students sang with increased vigour, inspired by His attention. Bhagawan read a few letters while listening to Bhajans. Students of the institute were sitting with huge cards describing the various sports meet events. Even as they repeatedly attempted to bring the same near their Chancellor appealing for His presence for the practice sessions, The Lord lovingly beckoned them to sit hinting that the time has not yet come. Bhagawan beckoned the priest for Arathi at 1932 hrs. The students who had just started a bhajan concluded it smartly with a fading effect instilling smiles all around. Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram in car.

The Bond of Love

“The Bond of Love” that was celebrated for three days from the New Year eve continued its joyous run on the fourth day this evening with a sizeable number of alumni getting another closed door session inside the bhajan hall. read more »

Alumni Blessing

Where love reigns supreme everyone comes to Prasanthi returns filled and fulfilled. This evening, prior to the normal darshan round, Poornachandra Auditorium witnessed a special session, wherein alumni along with immediate family members assembled to receive Divine Blessings. read more »

2011 New Years Day Celebrations

1st Jan 2010: On this New Year evening, The Lord who is beyond Time, Lord of Timelessness was ushered into the Sai Kulwant Hall in a regal procession that was apt for The Divinity! The entrance gate at the western end, leading from Yajur Mandiram, had a huge arch with wordings “Om Sai Kalaatheethaaya Namaha!”, hailing the attribute-less, timeless Divinity! read more »

New Year Evening

On this New Year evening, The Lord who is beyond Time, Lord of Timelessness was ushered into the Sai Kulwant Hall in a regal procession, apt for The Divinity! At the entrance gate at the rear western end, leading from Yajur Mandiram, there was a huge arch with wordings “Om Sai Kalaatheethaaya Namaha!”, hailing the attributeless, timeless Divinity! This was a session earmarked for the alumni of SSSIHL, an annual affair they eagerly await, to come back to the portal. read more »