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Happy Birthday Bhagawan…

So the world over devotees are coming together to celebrate the single most spectacular event, that was received with elation and jubilation in the Treta Yuga, as well as Dwapara and then in Kali Yuga – the birth of the Avatar on Earth. Oh! That much awaited occurrence!

The piteous cries of Mother Earth, the tears of those oppressed, the anxiety and distress of the ones who were exploited, the prayers of the wise, the entreaty of venerated sages, the adoration of those steeped in selfless devotion, culminated in the Appearance of Lord.

Each time that He chose to make an entrance divine into a womb pristine, He selected a ‘mother’ for Himself to ‘assist’ enacting the leelas of His marvelous manifestation. read more »

Love All Serve All; Help Ever Hurt Never

When the world is gearing up to celebrate the 86th Year of Beloved Bhagawan’s Advent, what could be the best Birthday gift to offer Him, to bring a smile on His beautiful face, that enchanted millions upon millions all over the globe? Let’s look within and introspect…

So profound a teaching in such simple terms. So clear cut, uncomplicated and easy to understand. But have we understood? This is not just what our Beloved Lord teaches, but this truth is vividly apparent in every moment of His Divine Sojourn on Earth. Whether it was in the Shirdi Era…in the Dwarkamai or at Parthi…in Prasanthi Nilayam, Beloved Bhagawan enveloped all beings with His selfless, ceaseless love. His doors were ever open wide for ‘all’ to be refreshed by the steady stream of His mercy and compassion.

Just what does He mean by Love All, Serve All?
If you only skim the surface of the Ocean, will you ever know its depth? Yes, the focus most definitely is on ‘Love’ and ‘Serve’ but have we given the ‘All’ part its rightful due? read more »

Dr. Michael Goldstein on Bhagawan’s Health

Dr. Michael Goldstein, is the Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation, as well as the Chairman, Prashanthi Council – the international body that oversees the activities of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations worldwide.

This is the transcript of the message Dr. Goldstein recorded in the studio of Radio Sai for the benefit of all listeners on April 8, 2011. read more »

A Letter to Sai

Have you ever thought of writing a letter, imploring our Beloved Mother to end His Divine Drama and return to Prasanthi Nilayam? If not, here comes one, a letter to Beloved Mother from all of Her children… Read on… read more »