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As Bhagawan quite often reminds, human life is nothing but, reaction, reflecton, resound…that it is time for man to understand this, striving on, ‘endeavouring’ to follow His dictum of Love All, Serve All, Help Ever, Hurt Never writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. read more »

Srikakulam Parthi Yatra…

A strong contingent of around 2000 devotees from the Andhra Pradesh district of Srikakulam is on a 2-day Parthi Yatra to Prasanthi Nilayam.  read more »

Ganesh Chaturthi In Prasanthi Nilayam

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, students from SSSIHL offered a string of hymns propitiating Lord Ganesha this morning at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »