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Woman – The Pillar Of A Value Based Society

As a precursor to the celebration of the Sacred Day of Advent, in honour of and to recognise the contribution of women, Beloved Mother Sai declared 19th November to be respectfully and joyfully observed as Ladies Day. The above lines are a tribute to all feminine beings in creation…winged, finned, four and two legged. May they know in some unique way that their presence and essence is being appreciated and applauded. A reflective article by Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. read more »

The Role of Women in the Home…

A happy home is where peace prevails between wife and husband…where life goes smooth with greater understanding. What is the role of a woman at home, and how best one can contribute in making it a “Sweet Home”? Mrs. Ganga Indira Pidatala from Hyderabad, India shares her views with invaluable tips given by Bhagawan in the interview room. Read on… read more »