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The Legend Of Vamana

Kerala’s ‘legendary’ Onam festivity comes with the paramount spiritual message of absolute surrender to the Supreme One, citing the ideal of Emperor Mahabali.  The festival that had celebrated its ‘golden jubilee’ in Prasanthi Nilayam last year always relished the most incomparable Physical Presence of Bhagawan, Who invariably delivered Divine discourses every single Onam occasion. Read on the beautiful Divine narration of the legend of Lord Vamana. (Onam Divine discourse on 16-9-1994) read more »

Exclusive Covid Centre set in motion at Prasanthigram

Joining hands with the governmental efforts to help the affected during the current medical emergency, the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram, has set in motion a completely functional COVID centre at Prasanthigram today. read more »

Baba & I – A ‘Sandeha Nivarini’ Conversation

Questions galore – our puzzled mind is like a cluttered closet housing thought of varied nature, often confusing our being. How often we hope, pray and wish for the arrival of that wise one, who comes and clears off all such debris, thus training to fly free, rather than ‘fleeing’. And how about The Supreme Incarnate donning this form of the wise one, clearing doubts-many, doubts -all?  read more »