Beloved Bhagawan…So Incomprehensibly Vast Are You!

In a world so incomprehensibly vast,  God – The Creator  has  not made any distinctions when it comes to “Love n’ Serve”. As is the Biblical saying, All Are One…Be Alike To Everyone, Bhagawan taught humanity to “Love All and Serve All…Help Ever and Hurt Never”. Are we diligent  in following what He has preached, what He has practised and what He has allowed us to imbibe? Let’s pause for a while and listen to a narration from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri, of a big heart that practises Tender Loving Care in serving the co-existing world of humans and who, most incessantly asks for Cosmic Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of our Beloved Bhagawan. Let’s gear up for a Cosmic Embrace…

When you live with God it is True Education, When You live for God it is True Devotion, When You live in God it is True Spirituality, says Bhagawan.

“Beloved Bhagawan…
So Incomprehensibly Vast are You,
In all that I see and experience it is You,
All life forms represent You,
You are in me and in all creatures of the land and the sea…
All the love that You have filled me with, I would like to share with all that is around me.
Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu!
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu!
Lifting the veils of darkness ushering in a bright new dawn…It’s You, It’s You, It’s You, Oh! Beloved Bhagawan…
So Incomprehensibly Vast are You…encompassing the present, the future as well as the past…It’s You, It’s You, It’s You…
Beloved Bhagawan… Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…
The whole world should be a Prasanthi Nilayam – a place where we can constantly dwell in You…”

This is the prayer Usha Ramani sang for the Lord, just before she turned in for the night. She sang her own words and set her own tune! As soon as her head touched the pillow she was fast asleep. Well, that’s how it ought to be, for one who was on her toes from 4 am till well past 11pm!

As sleep took her into a journey through the subconscious, she dreamt a dream of a flavor most pleasant.

And, what can be more pleasant, more effervescent than a dream of Beloved Bhagawan?

And so she saw herself in Prasanthi Nilayam, in Sai Kulwant Hall, carrying out what seemed like a normal daily routine – feeding all kinds of animals! It had that warm atmosphere and feeling of ‘home’.

From a distance Beloved Bhagawan comes towards her and within hearing distance pauses and speaks to her friend, insisting – “Tell ‘her’ to feed the cats also.”
A little later He approaches her, looking upon her with that genuine, warm and tender glow, certainly belonging only to a loving Mother. Then, ever so softly He says unto her, gentle words which bring forth a stream of tears – “You do so much for Me!”

Falling to her knees, clasping His Lotus Feet, bereft of speech, she remains enraptured by that Divine Gaze…

She woke up before the alarm, remembering every little nuance, so vivid was the vision of the Beloved One.

Switching on the lamp, she began to write down what she had just experienced while pondering each word that the Divine Lips had uttered. She hugged herself recapitulating  those enchanting words when ‘Sri Bhagawan Uvaca’.

Yes, as the Lord had commented, so far she had not focused so much upon cats.

Her early morning routine began with preparing food for cows, dogs, pigs, crows, pigeons etc…which she took with her, along with packets of biscuits, as she combed the lanes and by-lanes of her neighbourhood, encircling the hutment areas too, feeding the animals along the way. Medicines to treat injuries and maggot wounds, itchy skin that had traces of mange, as well as certain injections also formed a part of her ‘little bag of wonders’. The kind-hearted ones living in the hutments always looked to her to solve the problems relating to the animals in their locality.

Usha had to make an early start so as to avoid criticism that she normally faced from some of the human kind, who did not have tolerance and a sense of peaceful coexistence as their forte. Besides, she had to get to her office at the regular time!

The animals were familiar with her routine and waited for her along her route every day. But yes, as revealed in the dream by Beloved Bhagawan, she had somehow overlooked feeding and checking on cats as part of her TLC regimen!

But the Omnipresent, Omniscient Lord, Whose compassion knew no boundaries, knew how to nudge her on!  She had to be more careful and aware that His ‘watching’ all our thoughts words and deeds was indeed an axiomatic truth!

Usha Ramani’s lunch time was spent giving ‘lunch’ and quenching the thirst of animals in the area where her office was located and for this she had charmingly roped in the gardener and the chowkidars in that area to assist her. Most of the time her lunch box remained intact, till she emptied it out in the bus while travelling home so as to avoid her mother’s exasperation.

The weekends were spent in helping out with ABC – the Animal Birth Control Programme, which involved picking up dogs, taking them for spaying and bringing them back. This particular responsibility was always a bit stressful as it was akin to admitting a family member for a surgery! Vibhuti was applied to all the dogs before and after coming back from the Pound. In fact, she had emptied a Nebasulf Powder container and replaced it with the holy ash, as it was easy and quick then to apply it on wounds of street animals – whether they were abandoned dogs, horses, ‘cats’ or cows, or at times even injured birds. Vibhuti for her was the panacea for all ills.

In between, Usha Ramani was busy with Bal Vikas activities. Her children loved to hear about Bhagawan’s love for animals, growing and gaining confidence in the awareness that ‘Ahimsa’ and Samastha Jeeva/ Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu, was indeed an essential part of Human Values.

If ever anyone took a walk with her down ‘her’ area, they would experience for themselves the love that these animals gave her, following her around, jumping, some literally grinning, even though she tried to be as silent as possible, trying to evade them, while running the chores she had to. Through animal sounds, it seemed as though they were actually conversing and communicating with her!

Bhagawan’s birthdays and other festivals were spent giving these children of Sai, an extra helping of water, milk, biscuits and food along with a hug or two. A time when some other friends joined in too, to celebrate in this unique fashion, keeping in mind His words – Plant the seeds of Love in your hearts. Let them grow into trees of Service and shower the sweet fruit of Ananda. Share the Ananda with all. That is the proper way to celebrate the Birthday.” “That is the day of My birth, when I am born in your hearts.”

And just when does this ‘Birth’ in each heart take place?
When the heart becomes a womb for Divine Feelings, offshoots of Cosmic Love to blossom forth, exuding the marvellous fragrance of Compassion, Tolerance, Care, Concern, Reverence for and a Oneness of all forms of life.

There is so much to write about Bhagawan and Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu, about Creator and Creation, about the Divine Mother and the utterly Selfless, Unconditional, Boundless Love She feels for ‘all’ Her Children.

When we collectively intensify this harmony, it creates ripples, a quantum leap in the levels of consciousness from which all life forms, the Universe through stands to benefit.

This is the way to work for, welcome and usher in the Golden Age.

This is what we owe Beloved Bhagawan, Mother Earth, the Cosmos as well as our children, who are to inherit the Earth. Let us put in sincere efforts to echo, resound and put into practice – Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…For it is the same Atma, it is Beloved Bhagawan, in you and me and all creatures of the land, air and sea.

Bhagawan once said – Love is the scarcest article today.
Let us live in God for God is Love, expand in this divine feeling and extend its reach and turn it in to a right royal excess, a copious surplus and an abundant source!
Let us put our hand into Beloved Bhagawan’s outstretched palm, from Him let us take our cue and open our arms for a Cosmic Embrace – for Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu, for the jeevas that receive love and co-exist peacefully, include me and you.

II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavantu II