When Vitthala Beckons…Pilgrims Hasten Wasting No Seconds…

Come Ashadi, for the Lord’s sake the pilgrims forsake their comforts, luxuries and all other necessities, walking along, into the Heart of their Supreme Deity, Lord Vitthala of Pandharpur. With yet another Ashadi coming close, while recalling the legend of this grand festivity with a tinge of nostalgia, it is time for us, devotees of Sai, to introspect, asking ourselves, Have we made efforts to hasten our pace…To match the flow of His matchless grace…? and…Must we keep our Lord waiting…as He does us all beckon…? …a poem from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.


‘…Come what may I will walk along,

For my Vitthala, whatever the distance,

How many ever a furlong,

I will sound the conch,

Play the gong,

Come what may,

For my Lord…

I will sing my song…


The path maybe strewn with stones and thorns,

Yet, in my heart He does firmly ensconce,

And so, I will walk and dance along,

Yes, I will with great adoration,

Serenade Him with my song,

For my Vitthala,

Towards Pandharpur,

Traversing many a furlong,

I will hasten my pace,

Although monsoon clouds,

May try to prove me wrong,

Thunder and lightning,

Their threat prolong,

To my Lord this soul does belong -


And so I will worship and praise Him,

As I walk and dance along,

Together forming a family of ‘varkaris’

Singing His glories,

Twanging the tanpura,

Ringing the cymbals,

Echoing the rhythm of His song…

…Yes, Come what may,

I will sing, chant, dance and stride along…’


Ah! The Varkaris,

With their saffron turbans,

And colourful kashta…nauvari saris,

Upon their heads the ladies port pots of Tulasi,

Emanating altogether a charming energy,

What a sight to behold,

Indeed they are shaped in a divine mould,

Merged in devotion they pave their way,

Crooning for Krishna a melodious essay…

Soon with their footsteps,

They sanctify the city of Pune -

Oh! The Pilgrims are here,

These Varkaris know no fear,

They are only aware of the Lord’s Feet,

Nothing can their faith defeat,

Oh! For the Lord’s sake the Pilgrims forsake,

Comfort, luxuries as well as necessities,

Ah! Those enchanting abhangs,

The lilting harmony of their melodies,

Fill all urban hearts,

With the charm of Panduranga’s stories,

Of Vitthala and Rakhumai,

Non-different from the harmony,

The Prashanti of Sai,

Come, let us all join in and exude this accord,

Plunge wholeheartedly,

Into the devotional service of God,

Spread peace, goodwill and amity,

The right way to herald in Ashadi Ekshadi…


When Vitthala beckons…

Pilgrims hasten wasting no seconds…

The Lord has thus beckoned in myriad ways,

Since the dawn of creation His techniques amaze,

Though we sing His praise,

Can we with a clear conscience meet His gaze?

Have we made efforts to hasten our pace,

To match the flow of His matchless grace…?

Zillions, Trillions, Billions of seconds have cruised us by,

Have we valued the glory of Sai?

On this Ashadi,

During this auspicious Ekadashi,

Let us honestly question ourselves,

Oh! Brethren,

Of this universal fraternity,

Of which Beloved Bhagawan,

Is the sovereign helmsman,

What do you reckon,

Must we keep our Lord waiting,

As He does us all beckon…?

II Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu II