Come, Oh! Cherished One…How Can You Stay Away?

Meerabai with her unparalleled devotion sung melodiously, beseeching darshan of Lord Supreme, Bhagawan Sri Krishna…Living in the age of Lord Of All Lords, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, Whose unparalleled love humanity has been blessed to receive, should we not, each one of us living in this age, strive to become a Meera crying out for Beloved Mother Sai’s darshan? What is the toll of the pangs of separation for a devotee and how much a devoted heart could feel for the ‘missing’ Beloved Presence?…a poetic expression from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.


Oh! my Beloved,
I know You won’t leave me and go,
I am certain that is not my fate,
My joy You will reinstate,
Come be visible unto me,
Why this delay?
Life seems pale and grey,
End this play, 
Anymore don’t make me wait,
Come, Cherished One, set the date,
Hear my cry,
Be visible, oh! Beloved Mother Sai…

I stare and stare at Your image,
Wondering aloud,
Thoughts that do me besiege -
When will those Lotus Eyes blink?
When will those Divine Lips move?
When will those Hands be raised in Abhaya  Hasta?
When will those Cherished Feet walk my way?
Soon, soon, soon,
My Beloved, for how can You stay away?
Where are You?
Hear me as I fervently pray,
You will respond to my soul,
For You it does cry,
Come be visible unto me,
Oh! You, Who are the sole delight of my life,
Oh! Come now, precious Mother Sai…

If You gather my tears,
A new river would be born,
You are with me,
Yet where have You gone?
End this long night of separation,
Of a wondrous reunion herald in a dawn,
I know You won’t leave me like this,
Your Presence I do immensely miss,
Come appear, let the wounds heal, 
The scars disappear,
Every cell of my being longs only for You,
…And none other…
Oh! My sweet Mother,
Visible You have to Be, Be, Be,
Unto me,
Come, my darling Mother Sai,
Be visible unto me…

A rose at Your lotus feet I do place,
In every petal my adoration You may trace,
Grace, I seek Thy Grace,
This fog, this mist You must clear,
Oh! Mother dear,
Closer and closer, ever so near,
Hear my eager, yet anguished plea,
End my agony,
Be visible unto me…
Come, my sweetly Cherished One,
You, these eyes crave to see,
Be visible unto me…

II Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu II