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Thus Spake Sai…

Our puzzled mind can be compared to a cluttered closet housing sundry thoughts, often confusing our being. How often do we hope and pray for a fresh waft, a wise piece of counselling, that helps to clear the debris allowing us to fly free. Here comes a “Wisdom Talk” as spelled out by none other than Bhagawan Himself, extracted from the notebook of a Srilankan, published in Sanathana Sarathi, September 1974. read more »

How The Bhagavad Gita was administered…?

Living in the physical proximity of the Lord, once a devotee grew curious about some of His stupendous doings in His previous Avatar, as to how Lord Krishna was able to deliver the Bhagavad Gita amidst the war cries in the Kurukshetra battlefield. When this question was posed to Bhagawan, instead of answering straightaway, He chose to clear the clouds of doubts in the minds of His devotee in His own unique, inimitable style…a unique incident from His Story, from the fifties…Read on… read more »

The Goal Of All Yagnas….

Trayee Brindavan had always been a home away from ‘Home’ for Beloved Bhagawan…and the Trayee sessions in Brindavan used to be one of the most heavenly experiences with Him… The combine of Bhagawan with His students would always remind one of the intimacy and closeness gopikas and gopalas enjoyed with Lord Krishna in the Dwapara and what the ‘vanaras’ enjoyed with Lord Rama in the Treta… Confined within the four walls of the Trayee, The Lord often assumed His many varied faces, throwing glimpses from God’s mysterious Divine Chamber… helping, raising, elevating many of His chosen devotees, all in His most inimitable style…Sathya Sai Style…Dr T Ravi Kumar, Associate Professor, Dept Of Chemistry, Brindavan Campus of SSSIHL writes about one such interesting, intimate session in Trayee…Dr Ravi Kumar is also the Warden of the Brindavan Hostel… read more »

Summer Course 2013 concludes…

Summer Course in Indian Culture & Spirituality came to a close today with a Valedictory Address delivered by Prof (Ms) Madhu Kapani, Dept Of Economics & Humanities, SSSIHL, Anantapur Campus. read more »

Speeches and Musical Bouquet…

Two speeches and a musical offering by the Anantapur Campus were the highlights of the second and penultimate evening of the ongoing Summer Course in Indian Culture & Spirituality – 2013 here in Prasanthi Nilayam today. read more »

Summer Course 2013 gets underway…

8 June 2013, Prasanthi Nilayam: A couple of speeches and musical offerings marked the first evening of Summer Course 2013 of SSSIHL this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

The Unbelievable Prophecy

In the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, there happened the epochal Divine Advent – Sai Pravesh and the result was Prasanthi Pradesh (Prasanthi Nilayam). How, almost seven decades ago, a young Sathya of barely sixteen years granted a fantasy glimpse of the would be Prasanthi Nilayam to one lucky soul. Read on as Sri  Pujari Lakshmaiah from Chennai narrates his maiden encounter with The Lord Walks The Earth. The article dates back to Aug/Sept 1972, Sanathana Sarathi.

read more »

Summer Course In Indian Culture & Spirituality – 2013

Summer Course In Indian Culture & Spirituality- 2013 for all the four campuses under Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning, deemed to be University, will be held in Prasanthi Nilayam for three days, 8 – 10 June 2013. read more »

Constant Presence…

For an earnest seeker HE IS the Eternal Companion, inspiring and guiding him/her at every step, every moment, with His Constant Presence. Charles Penn from the US shares an interesting experience, narrating how God ‘bends down’ to reach out an earnest seeker, airing His Words of Assurance…Words of Wisdom. Extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, February 1967. read more »

Faith & Patience…

Adorning two precious gems, Faith and Patience, Shraddha and Saburi as explained by Him in Shirdi, you wait for Him with prayers…you are sure to be rewarded… Read on GSV Prasada Rao’s testimony of His Divine Grace, as published in Sanathana Sarathi, March 1979. read more »