Oh! Hadshi…Your Bhakti Is Legendary…

Oh! Hadshi…your Bhakti is indeed legendary…Leaving a trail to emulate, Upon the gilded pages of history…It did touch the Lord’s heart deeply, With His visit He deemed it fit to bless You supremely… writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri reminiscing the golden moments of Bhagawan’s visit to Hadshi, five years ago…

Sadiyon sey tha Aap hee ka intezaar,
Ek atal vishwas,
Ki bhakton ka pyaar,
Bachchon ke dil ki pukaaar,
Oh! Sai Maa,
Aap kabhi na karogey asweekar,
Aaogey, Aap Aaogey,
Barsaogey hum sab par,
Aseem anugrah ki dhaar,
Amit prem aor anokha pyaar…
Prakat kartey hai, Aap ke Kamal Charano mey,
Saprem Naman, Pranaam aor Abhaar…

Oh! Hadshi…your Bhakti is indeed legendary…
Leaving a trail to emulate,
Upon the gilded pages of history…
It did touch the Lord’s heart deeply,
With His visit He deemed it fit to bless You supremely…

She had waited ever so patiently,
Lost in thoughts of Sai Vitthala,
But the boon granted to the soil of Hadshi,
To all the beings,
As well as the earth of Pune city,
Eons ago,
Saw its fulfilment at 0940 hrs, Wednesday, 28th October 2009…

At last the Lord did acquiesce and opine,
Countless destinies acquired a divine design,
When tremendous yearning did with immense grace align,
Words cannot express the elation,
Nor can anything else this supreme joy define…

The sight and touch of those precious Lotus Feet,
Remains brilliantly vivid and resplendently distinct,
In each heartbeat,
The intensity of feelings,
Of those truly blessed memories,
The sanctity of that sacrosanct span of time,
Of that extraordinary clime,
Nothing can defeat, deplete nor delete…
Consecrated forever as a Cosmic Feat…

Our Mother returned home that day,
And to that benevolent Mother Sai we do pray,
Urge, request, beg, implore and entreat -
Oh! Come Mother…You are the One we adore,
From You we seek,
A joyful reunion…an exalted encore,
Even as we recall, reminisce, reflect, recollect and greet,
Those serenely sublime moments gone by,
Oh! Those utterly sylvan surroundings,

Where Mother Nature too did relax,
Fragrantly and blissfully sigh,
When the Sun, Moon and the Stars lingered on,
Not even a second did anyone want themselves to deny,
The fascinatingly marvelous Presence,
The all embracing aura,
The celestially charismatic company of Beloved Mother Sai…

Oh! Mother Sai we do pray,
Urge, request, beg, implore and entreat,
Little lambs are we,
Can’t You hear our cry and helpless bleat?
Kuch Yadein, Kuch Baatein, Mulakatey,
Maa, Teri Yaad Aati Hai…
Tumhara intezaar hai hamey…
Tum Aao Maa, Aao,
Tum Baar Baar Aao…
Phir sey kehna chahtey hain -
Maa, Aapka har waqt swagat hai…
It is Your love alone that draws us towards You magnetically,
Oh! So naturally,
Continuously we try to seek You out in all that we see…
Those pristine moments at Panduranga Kshetra, Hadshi,
Oh! So crystal clear are those memories…
Not a ripple nor a crease,
The soul does recapitulate, review, replay and release,
Peace…Peace..the acme of Peace…
Oh! Mother Sai…
Grant that this yearning…longing for You,
May ever increase and never cease…
Oh! When will that astounding grace upon us all rain…?
When will we get to welcome You again…?
Oh! Hadshi…your bhakti is indeed legendary,
With it we have no desire to vie,
But if we do emulate it and with it so comply,
Perhaps we will be blessed to receive furthermore,
The loving touch…the ultimate Presence of Beloved Mother Sai…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II