His Presence is His Legacy…Our breath His Will…

His Presence is His Legacy…Our breath His Will… If our breath is His Will and His Presence Itself Is His Legacy, we, His contemporaries, part of His creation, must do justice, living His life as our message, making our lives worthy… Celebrating His Advent Supreme as we continue to sing paeans to our Beloved Bhagawan, here comes another piece of poetic beauty from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

His Presence is His Legacy…Our breath His Will……and each second of every day we are breathing in this ‘eternal legacy’ of His Presence and this happens only due to His Sankalpa.

And with every breath…each cell of our being is getting divinized with His Presence. The only thing required on our part is an awareness to grow, a constant belief that this is so. Along with this, a simple and sincere prayer - Oh Lord! May I see with Your Eyes, may I hear with Your Ears…may my speech and every interaction be divine…

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Is…
An unfathomable enigma, an inscrutable mystery,
His unconditional Love…so matchlessly vast,
Gently guides us to an expansion and sets us free,
And then we know certain and absolute,
A feeling does grow firm and resolute –
…it’s not the eyes,
It’s the sight,
…it’s not the ears,
It’s the hearing,
…it’s not the nose,
It’s the breath,
…it’s not the tongue,
It’s the speech,
…it’s not the voice,
It’s the words,
…it’s not the heart,
It’s for Whom the heart beats,
… the compassion and love,
…it’s not the hands,
It’s the service rendered,
…it’s not the feet,
It’s the footprints left…

Footprints in every heart, most cherished a pair,
The same footprints in the ether, in the air,
Bliss beyond compare,
His life is His message,
Every episode a Divine Image,
End all struggle, end all strife,
Let us make His message our life…
For beyond all that is – to chance upon that mystery,
Of that which appears to be,
Listen to that Cosmic Whisper,
That echoes within delightfully,
“Sathya Sai is He,
Sathya Sai is He…”

So, dear brothers and sisters, if we truly want to lead a life that pleases our sweet Lord, let us ponder awhile what is it that would and could make our ever blissful Lord ‘happy’? He has often said our well-being is His food. When we cause each other pain or inflict a wound on any creature through our thought, word or deed, it is felt by our Lord, Who as Hrudayavasa is the indweller of all…

When we are constantly – Helpful, Accommodating, Peace loving, Protective, and have a Yen to serve – then surely we please our Lord and He will be ‘HAPPY’…

Each day is the first day of the rest of our life; let us offer it as a dedication unto our Lord. Let us de-link from the superficial and re-link to the Supreme. Let us immerse ourselves in the divine call to Love All, Serve All; Help Ever Hurt Never.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II