You And I…And Beloved Mother Sai

Myriad and mysterious creation with lots of diversity… with One and Only Inner Source… Man, being the most ‘advantageous’ of His entire creation, does have many faces… all run by the monkey-mind. He has to progress beyond his mind to establish his true bond with his Inner Self… writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, asking fellow men to identify, prioritise and thus justify our presence on earth at the same time as the Greatest Avatar.

Oh, so many a relationship we share,
As we journey through life.
Some make us smile, some make us cry,
Some agree, some deny.
Some stay on, some make you frown,
Some cheer you up when you are down.
Some set you free, some enslave,
Some timid, some so brave.

Some who commit, some show gratitude,
Some who walk all over you and love to fued.

Some who are always there, some who never care,
Some show affection laying their hearts bare.
Some who take, some who give,
Some who like to live and let live.

Some so wonderful, some so vicious,
Some leave memories oh, so precious.

Some so prejudiced, some just let you be,
Some with clear thinking, some remain petty.
Some drag you into an abyss, some draw you into light,
Some cause you pain, some great delight.

So what is the way out? Does life have to be a roller coaster ride?

How does one stay established in a bond steady, sound and constant?

When all relationships begin and end in Beloved Bhagawan, a balance is maintained in life. You live for Him, so all else ceases to matter. Your heart always smiles no matter what the test. Your equanimity remains undisturbed despite all the friction. Your joy remains boundless no matter what the outer turmoil.

When the Lord is your mother, father, your all in all, your best friend, you are on a boat that never rocks,  this relation ‘ship’, this friend ‘ship’ faces no turbulence or stormy seas, for the Lord holds the oars in His hands…He steers the boat of your life through choppy waves…He holds, hugs, reassures, calms…

Oh! Beloved Mother Sai,
…my home is in Your heart,
And Your home is in mine,
…and so it is I am always home,
Secured and loved,
…through Divine design…
Everything is Thine,
Nothing mine…
…intricately woven
Through Divine design…

To Thy will let me resign,
For it is in my heart
…that You recline,
From there does
…love, guidance and
Bliss shine,
…all a part of Divine design…

Beings of light did spring forth from the silence deep within the Lord’s heart and so we remain connected and never apart. There is only One and we owe our origin to that One Supreme Being.  

Come, Dear Ones, let us our priorities identify…our lapses rectify…soul contracts purify…our devotion amplify…our commitment to the Self within intensify …reclassify… fortify… beautify… our presence on earth at the same time as the Greatest Avatar justify… electrify…and…as we continue our journey through life at this moment…let us unify…let us celebrate our existence together…You and I…with Beloved Mother Sai…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II